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From strength to strength: Young Gun Lauren Langfield makes strides in sustainability

When Lauren first set foot in a vineyard she didn’t even have a driver’s license. Six months later, she was enrolled in a diploma of viticulture and winemaking at university, driving tractors and reversing trailers unsupervised. Now, she’s heading up Orbis Wines as both general manager and head winemaker and is making strides in sustainability. In 2023, Orbis won the South Australia Wine Industry Association’s Environmental Excellence Award for the small to medium category, and Lauren collected the Young Gun of Wine award to boot.

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Young Gun: Zoë Downer

Bringing labels to the forefront Selling wine is an inherent part of the wine industry and while winegrape varieties and winemaking styles obviously play a

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Passito Uncorked – Dessert in a glass

Passito has roots in ancient traditions in Europe and, like many ancient traditions, is over-ripe for innovation in Australian winemaking. Journalist Harrison Davies looked at producers in Australia who are using new techniques to craft this ancient beverage.

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Young Gun Tash Arthur: Melding old with new

Tash Arthur is plotting her own course through the wine industry by flagrantly ignoring trends and making wines that she wants to drink. Arthur is the embodiment of what makes Australian wine unique and provides an alternative voice to the medium bodied wine drum that is being beaten across the country. Harrison Davies spoke with her about her career and her label.

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Grenache Uncorked: A varietal renaissance

The story of Grenache is not dissimilar from that of the ugly duckling. It was long misunderstood but has seen a resurgence in recent years that has brought it to the forefront of Australian winemaking. Harrison Davies explores how the stars aligned for this long ignored variety to enter the spotlight.

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Tannat Uncorked

Wines by Geoff Hardy Hand Crafted Tannat. The beauty that can pack a beastly punch This month, journalist Samuel Squire ventures his mind to the shores of Uruguay, where an emerging variety called

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Producer Profile: Spring Timlin

ROLE: Winemaker Winery: Squealing Pig Location: Marlborough, New Zealand Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Rosé, Sparkling Rosé, Spritzed Rosé, Pinot Grigio Firstly, you

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Young Gun: Matt Godfrey

YOUNG GUN Matt Godfrey Barossa-born Matt Godfrey now calls Margaret River home after 18 vintages in the wine industry. Interestingly, winemaking wasn’t the first option

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Spotlight on the Riverland

The Riverland: Regional update Traversed by the snaking Murray River, the Riverland became Australia’s largest yielding inland wine region this vintage, with its total 2021

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Young Gun Jess Wilson

Young Gun: Jess Wilson

. This month, journalist Samuel Squire caught up with the Marlborough winner of the 2021 Corteva Young Viticulturist of the Year competition in New Zealand,

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Barbera Uncorked: A refreshing burst of character

High natural acidity in wine is something typical of the Italian red powerhouses Barbera, Nero d’Avola, Nebbiolo and Sangiovese. Journalist Samuel Squire dives into some of the history of one of Italy’s most-planted winegrape varieties, and speaks to Australian producers and an importer of Italian Barbera wine to find out where it stands in the local market.

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Getting ahead of spring frost

As budburst approaches in early spring many regions across the country are prone to damage from frost which can have implications on spring growth, flowering and, if severe, potentially reduce bearing in the current season and the season following, as viticulturist Sam Bowman writes.

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Murray Valley: Regional update

Home to quality fruit production, acclaimed winemakers and cutting edge research and development, the Grapegrower & Winemaker, this month, focuses on what makes the Murray

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Cutting costs while cutting vines

As preparations get underway for managing vineyards through the winter months ahead, viticulturist Sam Bowman outlines the pros and cons for various methods for pruning and what the associated costs of these could be for operators in warm and cooler climates.

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Towards an early smoke detection network

Fire events are increasing in frequency around the world and as wine producing countries such as the US, Spain and Portugal grapple with the devastation wrecked by bushfires, Australia is providing critical research and guidance on managing smoke affected fruit, as Simone Madden-Grey writes.

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What’s your biosecurity bubble?

The term ‘biosecurity bubble’ has often been used during the COVID-19 pandemic, with interstate sports hubs, medi-hotels and quarantine facilities all part of Australia’s COVID

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Producer Profile: Cynthea Semmens

Journalist Samuel Squire caught up with Cynthea for a chat about her life in wine on Australia’s southernmost winegrowing island, as she shares her thoughts on the industry and on organic viticulture.

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