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Current Issue – March 2020 (no. 674)

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As Vintage 2020 proceeds, we learn more about the damage that producers have either directly or indirectly sustained due to Australia’s devastating bushfires. There are, however, signs of hope and renewal in hard-hit wine regions. Among our coverage in the March issue of the Grapegrower & Winemaker, consultant viticulturist Richard Hamilton shares his expertise with affected growers who are looking at their best options for recovering fire-damaged vines. This issue of the magazine has a ‘Vineyard Focus’ and, among our features, is an examination of online and mobile apps that are being utilised to manage and improve grapegrowers’ efficiencies. As we continue our annual theme of climate change and, in light of a recent international award for its sustainability efforts, we pay a visit to Crittenden Estate on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula to find out about the producer’s pioneering work to achieve a clean, eco-friendly approach to viticulture. Writer Mark Smith speaks to Tasmania grower Steve Lubiana to share details about how biodynamic practices have shaped his operations, while our ‘Young Gun’ for March, Central Otago’s Simon Gourley, shares his journey from New Zealand to Burgundy and back again. In Winemaking, we take a close-up look at filtration, by exploring the best ways to decrease a wine’s colloidal load. We also find out more about specially designed and fabricated high performance, automated filtration skids recently installed in McLaren Vale. Meanwhile, the results of a new study are revealed, showing that some yeast strains used for sparkling wine production may require more robust preparation methods to optimise results; and with canned wine continuing to grow as a product category, we learn about ways to address quality issues. We also go ‘Behind the Top Drops’ with Journalist Samuel Squire, who spoke to Yarra Valley chief winemaker Steve Webber about De Bortoli’s Bella Riva Sangiovese 2015. Writer Brendan Black takes us into the world of wine education to find out about the crucial role it plays within the industry; and Corrina Wright, a strong advocate for women in wine, shines a light on both the obstacles and the options available when it comes to maternity and parental leave. Innovative wine packaging from Australia and New Zealand has featured prominently in international design competitions and we hear the stories behind these acclaimed products.


  • Managing fire affected vineyards
  • What’s app-ning in vineyard tech?
  • Keeping up to date: a review of vineyard management apps
  • Digital platform gives Riverland vineyards an irrigation edge
  • The home front fight for sustainable viticulture
  • Research sheds new light on petiole tissue sampling
  • From dynamic to biodynamic: a journey into wine
  • Factors around wine filterability
  • Automation of wine process filtration
  • Membrane contactors for managing dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in wine
  • The crucial role of education in the Australian wine industry


  • Counting the cost of bushfire damage
  • Average value of Australian bottled exports reaches new record
  • New Zealand wine exports soar
  • AR on every Australian wine in 2020
  • International Briefs


  • What’s online
  • In this issue
  • Winetitles Insights
  • Ask the AWRI
  • Producer profile: Jason Brown
  • Looking back
  • Calendar
  • Marketplace classifieds


  • Young Gun: Simon Gourley puts his stamp on vines and wine


  • Important considerations for yeast preparation and indole production in sparkling winemaking
  • Extending the shelf life of canned wines

Business & Technology

  • Dismantling the ‘maternal wall’ for our women in wine production
  • Succession planning for family-owned wineries: Transitioning the current generation out of the business

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