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Current Issue – December 2019 (no. 671)

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For this issue’s theme on Fermentation, Alana Seabrook, from Laffort Australia, and her colleagues Joana Coulon, from BioLaffort, and Susan Erasmus, have compiled a comprehensive article on the main factors involved in stuck fermentations and how to avoid them.

Journalist Hans Mick provides an update on the development and commercialisation of the yeast being developed by the Australian Wine Research Institute to lower alcohol levels.

And, concluding the theme on fermentation, this month’s Ask the AWRI column answers some questions on the role of grape solids in white winemaking.

Also in Winemaking, the AWRI reports on a trial that looked at the influence of storage orientation of bottles of wine and temperature fluctuations on the oxygen transmission rate of commercial closures.

In Viticulture, journalist Samuel Squire chats with the company behind an on-board weighing solution for grape bin trailers that enables fruit loads to be automatically recorded as they come off harvesters.

And in Business & Technology, Kym Anderson, from the University of Adelaide and the Australian National University, and Glyn Wittwer, from Victoria University, have done some number crunching to determine the fallout from the recently-imposed US tariffs on imports of some EU wines in those countries and in Australia.


  • Industry partnership fills winegrape market gap
  • March of the machines
  • Avoiding stuck fermentations
  • The rise and fall of Australia’s bulk wine exports


  • Time to lay the path for a strong and vibrant industry for all
  • Average value of bottled exports hits new record
  • Water for production, not hoarding: governments must act
  • NZ wineries launch lighter wines in Australia
  • ASVO announces Viticulturist and Winemaker of the Year winners
  • Adelaide Hills winery wins Great Australian Shiraz Challenge
  • Queensland wine industry unveils five-year tourism strategy
  • International Briefs


  • What’s online
  • In this issue
  • Winetitles Insights
  • Wine Australia: R&D at work
  • Young Gun: Sophie Harris
  • Ask the AWRI
  • Producer profile: Geoff Hardy
  • Looking back
  • Calendar
  • Marketplace classifieds


  • Industry partnership fills winegrape market gap
  • March of the machines
  • Surround WP crop protectant – a grower’s perspective
  • Getting a sense of saving water and improving wine quality
  • Fifty shades of green – the need to redefine best practice viticulture
  • Under-vine cover cropping – a source of vine medication
  • Organic and biodynamic benefits are plain for Tamburlaine


  • Avoiding stuck fermentations
  • Yeast for when the heat is on
  • The impact of temperature fluctuations on closure performance
  • Tips and traps of submitting wine samples for testing
  • Deep Woods Reserve Chardonnay
  • Mastering microflora
  • Young Gun: Andrew Scott – A slippery slope to becoming a winemaker
  • Is this the world’s largest capacity must heat exchanger? / Intelligent pump brings automation to winery tasks

Business & Technology

  • The future of wine packaging in an enviro-conscious world
  • How might US tariffs on imports of some EU wine and whisky affect those countries and Australia?
  • Succession planning for family-owned wineries: Succession planning – Non-family members

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