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Current Issue – October 2019 (no. 669)

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The theme of the October Grapegrower & Winemaker is ‘Threats and disruptions to Australia’s wine industry’. Journalist Brendan Black explores three potential disruptions to the nation’s wine industry — namely the arrival of Amazon in the local retail wine space, cannabis-infused wine and synthetic wine — whlie four members of industry share their thoughts on the industry’s biggest threats.

Regular writer Ben Rose calls on growers to start planning for the upcoming harvest period now, outlining the steps growers can take to significantly reduce the stress that often comes at vintage time.

Journalist Hans Mick also delves into the small but rapidly growing number of vineyard operators employing the Simonit and Sirch pruning technique.
We also look at the effects of the common fining agent PVPP on specific polyphenolic compounds found in rosé wine, Henschke senior winemaker Paul Hampton talks to Hans Mick about the Hill of Grace vineyard and the role that oak products play in the winery’s prized Shiraz, and journalist Eleanor Danenberg looks into the grower of the vegan-friendly wine market.

And we respond to industry feedback for more information on the subject with the introduction of a new regular column on succession planning for family-owned wineries, written by law firm Finalysons.


  • WineEng2019: Sharing knowledge and innovation
  • Business as usual? Potential disruptions to the Australian wine industry
  • Taking the stress out of vintage
  • A molecular breakdown of PVPP interactions with polyphenolic compounds
  • The declining appetite of insurance underwriters and what you can do about it


  • ACCC releases final report on winegrape market study
  • Nuffield scholar to investigate new and emerging irrigation methods
  • 2019 Australian Women in Wine Awards winners
  • International briefs
  • Our view: the wine industry’s biggest threats


  • What’s online
  • In this issue
  • Winetitles Insights
  • Wine Australia: R&D at work
  • Young Gun: Sophie Harris
  • Ask the AWRI
  • Producer profile: Geoff Hardy
  • Looking back
  • Calendar
  • Marketplace classifieds


  • AI for early onset powdery mildew diagnosis coming to your smartphone
  • Laser technology solves bird problem in winegrape industry
  • Are birds wreaking havoc in your vineyard?
  • Simonit and Sirch: challenging conventional pruning methods to improve vine health
  • Langhorne Creek floodwaters provide vines with more than just a good drink


  • Back to the future with oak at Henschke
  • Advancements in variable speed drive technology for reducing operational risk
  • Eliminating risks in wastewater pumping
  • Behind the top drops: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Business & Technology

  • Succession planning for family-owned wineries: Business structures
  • Rare and well done: an insight into vegan wine
  • Rothschild and Constellations’ Opus One sues in US over tainted barrels

Sales & Marketing

  • Taylors portfolio refresh goes beyond the bottle with augmented reality
  • 90 How wineries can stay ahead of the game with aligned website and social media strategies

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