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Current Issue – March 2019 (No. 662)

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The April issue of the Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker contians our annual review of the performance of Australia’s Top 20 wine companies by revenue and look at the state of the nation’s wine industry.

Our Top 20 wine company review is paired with a complementary examination of New Zealand’s top 5 wine companies by revenue.

Going hand in hand with our Top 20 review is an article by Stephen Strachan, of Langley & Co, who walks readers through the major vineyard and winery sales in the Australian wine industry over the last 12 months and points to some trends in values for each.

Also in the April issue  is an article by Tasmanian correspondent Mark Smith who reports on some exciting developments in the understanding of smoke taint following the multiple bushfires that threatened some of that state’s vineyards earlier this year.

Keeping with the climate change theme, Tadro Abbott and Eric Wilkes from the Australian Wine Research Institute explain the carbon footprint of wine and what the options are for capturing the CO2 produced during wine production.

Also a feature in the April Grapegrower & Winemkaer is a roundtable discussion with three Aussie winemakers with a particular affection for Pinot Noir which explores which clones are the focus of their Pinot production and why, and how they’re treating them in the winery.

Features in this issue include

  • Australia’s largest wine companies
  • New Zealand’s top five wine companies
  • Roundtable: Pinot Noir clones
  • Pinot Noir production – a delicate affair
  • Asset values rise, but region, variety, management and water are the drivers
  • Betwixt and between


  • From the editor
  • Maroondah phylloxera zone boundary shifted due to new detections
  • New research examines the effects of bunch rot on wine
  • Smoke taint research to look at impact of grain stubble burning on winegrapes
  • Wine the winner in workshop series
  • Breaking down New Zealand Winegrowers’ strategic review
  • Going above and beyond for customer service: making wine with a real story
  • International briefs
  • My view: A Labor-government approach to rural research & development funding wine tourism


  • Smoke taint concerns spark new smoke research in Tasmania
  • Wildlife for Wine goes batty for vineyard pest control


  • What’s online
  • In this issue
  • Winetitles Insights
  • Wine Australia: R&D at work
  • Ask the AWRI
  • Young Gun: Emma Farrelly
  • Looking back
  • Calendar
  • Marketplace classifieds


  • Understanding carbon emissions in the wine industry
  • Behind the Top Drops: Cullen Diana Madeline

Ask the AWRI

  • Cleaning winery floors, tanks and hoses

Business & Technology

  • Asset values rise, but region, variety, management and water are the drivers

Sales & Marketing

  • Betwixt and between

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