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This month we shine a spotlight on one of Australia’s most celebrated wine regions – the Barossa. As part of our special regional feature, Barossa Australia Viticultural Development Manager Nicki Robins provides an update on the challenges, opportunities and achievements in this always-dynamic SA region. Journalist Meg Riley speaks to “Nature’s nurturer” Prue Henschke, an industry pioneer whose trail-blazing work has informed and guided many across the industry in the adoption of regenerative viticultural practices. We also learn about new technology that offers the ability to measure bunch weights in real time, while we’re also introduced to Young Gun Caitlin Brown, a High Eden winemaker who’s exploring a unique site at the peak of the Barossa. We find out what the best options may be for winemakers looking to downsize or have greater volume variability in the winery, and winemaker Paul Le Lacheur explores the options for clay amphorae and outlines how these ancient designs may assist in innovative winemaking today. Meantime, Sonya Logan speaks to winemaker Philip Shaw about Hoosegg Seven Heaven Chardonnay for Behind the Top Drops. With wine businesses looking for a strategic edge to remain profitable amidst difficult conditions, we speak to financial advisors to find out how they – and their industry clients – are adapting to a changed operating environment. Meantime, HR consultants Ilga Horvat and Linda Blackett provide a practical guide for employers on how to manage workplace injuries. Marketing consultant Sarah Rasheed also takes us through the options for wine producers to strengthen their sales via much-important online channels.

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From strength to strength: Young Gun Lauren Langfield makes strides in sustainability

When Lauren first set foot in a vineyard she didn’t even have a driver’s license. Six months later, she was enrolled in a diploma of viticulture and winemaking at university, driving tractors and reversing trailers unsupervised. Now, she’s heading up Orbis Wines as both general manager and head winemaker and is making strides in sustainability. In 2023, Orbis won the South Australia Wine Industry Association’s Environmental Excellence Award for the small to medium category, and Lauren collected the Young Gun of Wine award to boot.

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Young Gun: Zoë Downer

Bringing labels to the forefront Selling wine is an inherent part of the wine industry and while winegrape varieties and winemaking styles obviously play a

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Passito Uncorked – Dessert in a glass

Passito has roots in ancient traditions in Europe and, like many ancient traditions, is over-ripe for innovation in Australian winemaking. Journalist Harrison Davies looked at producers in Australia who are using new techniques to craft this ancient beverage.

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Young Gun Tash Arthur: Melding old with new

Tash Arthur is plotting her own course through the wine industry by flagrantly ignoring trends and making wines that she wants to drink. Arthur is the embodiment of what makes Australian wine unique and provides an alternative voice to the medium bodied wine drum that is being beaten across the country. Harrison Davies spoke with her about her career and her label.

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