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A summary of the year that was 2021 is included as part of Grapegrower & Winemaker’s annual Top 20 Australian wine companies special feature. For this, industry leaders share their thoughts on the state of the sector and what lies ahead. New Zealand’s wine industry is also showcased and we reveal how major producers there managed last year.

Heading into the vineyard, we look at managing safety for workers, while we also investigate irrigation options among NZ growers. We turn to the NSW Riverina for our latest regional spotlight, which includes an update one year on from Calabria Family Wines’ purchase of McWilliam’s Wines. Journalist Harrison Davies explores the rising fortunes in Australia of Montepulciano in our latest Uncorked feature.

For wineries, we reveal more about the gasses used in winemaking as well as the management of calcium tartrate instability. Engineering consultant Ian Jeffery asks if green hydrogen may be a solution for cutting energy use in wineries, and we meet this month’s Young Gun, Langhorne Creek winemaker Lachlan George, whose label, ‘DILF’ is short for ‘Damn I Like Fermenting’.

We again look into ongoing supply chain issues affecting the industry and find out about a unique American scheme utilising recycled wine bottles.

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