The largest wine processing facilities

Table 25. The largest wine processing facilities

Rank Processing facility Tonnes
1 Yenda (Casella Wines) 250,000
2 Berri Estate Winery, Berri (Accolade Wines) 230,000**
3 Buronga Hill Winery (Australian Vintage) 150,000**
4 Lindemans Karadoc Winery (Treasury Wine Estates) *
4 Kingston-on-Murray (Kingston Estate Wines) 110,000
6 De Bortoli Winery, Bilbul (De Bortoli Wines) 100,000**
7 Buronga (Accolade Wines) 80,000
8 Redcliffs (Zilzie Wines) 70,000
9 Piangil (Andrew Peace Wines) 70,000
10 Qualia Wine Services 65,000
11 Barossa (Treasury Wine Estates) *
11 Richmond Grove, Tanunda (Pernod Ricard Winemakers) 50,000**
13 Griffith (Warburn Estate) 45,000
13 Oxford Landing (Yalumba) 36,000
15 Orlando Wines, Rowland Flat (Pernod Ricard Winemakers) 30,000**
15 Walla Winery (Calabria Family Wines) 30,000
15 Penfolds Nuriootpa (Treasury Wine Estates) *
18 Salena Estate Wines 25000**
19 Brayne Road (Calabria Family Wines) 23,000
20 Peter Lehmann Wines (Casella Wines) 21,000

Ranked as per total owned or leased vineyard hectareage in Australia for the production of branded/bottled/bulk products, includes distillation and inter-winery bulk grape juice/wine sales.
*Data not for publication. **figures from previous years’ surverys. Estimated ranking using resources such as news reports, annual reports, information provided to other Winetitles’ publications. NR = not ranked in previous years. Source: Wine Industry Directory 2021.

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