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Our Towards Net Zero series of articles continues in this issue, beginning with Part 2 of

Tony Hoare’s article explores what can be done in the vineyard to limit carbon emissions.

At the other end of the production spectrum, Adam Keath, from Wine Network Consulting, discusses the options available to wineries to reduce their carbon outputs.

For this issue’s focus on Grape & Juice Handling, researchers from The University of Adelaide look at the effect of the novel crushing technique known as ‘accentuated cut edges’ (ACE) on the release of varietal thiols and their precursors during Sauvignon Blanc wine production, while an Italian professor from the University of Pisa shares his views on Air-Mixing MI, a relatively new innovation that creates disruptive waves inside tanks to manage caps.

In addition to Tony Hoare’s contribution to the Viticulture section, University of Adelaide researchers reveal the findings of their study into the impact of lower impact floor management strategies on ruderal weed species and soil health indicators compared with tillage and herbicides.

This issue also features the results of our $50+ Pinot Noir tasting.


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