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In the first issue of the year for 2024, we introduce a new semi-regular contributor in Dr Kate Howell, an associate professor in food chemistry from the University of Melbourne. Kate runs a research program in yeast biology and fermentation at the university and previously investigated the consequences of yeast diversity on wine flavour as part of her PhD from the University of New South Wales. In keeping with this knowledge, for her first article for the Wine & Viticulture Journal Kate reviews what we know about commercial yeasts and their naturally-occurring counterparts that exist in wineries and vineyards.

Also in this issue of the WVJ, we explore the influence of high-density vine plantings on wine production, tapping into the experience of winemaker and vigneron Michael Dhillon of Bindi Wines, Ten Minutes by Tractor proprietor Martin Spedding, viticultural consultant Tim Brown and US-based climatologist with a focus on viticulture and wine production Greg Jones.
Semi-regular and long-time contributor Mark O’Callaghan — who was announced as Winemaker of the Year at the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology’s Awards for Excellence in late 2023 — offers wine businesses some guidance on how to prepare for the potential impacts of controlled burns and bushfires, looking at aspects such as insurance which a few companies now offer.

And regular scribe Justin Cohen, a senior marketing scientist from the University of South Australia, reviews the state of the Chinese wine market and the challenges that lie ahead for Australia should China return to being a viable export market in early 2024 following the review of its tariffs on Aussie wine imports.
We also present the results of our recent tasting of chilled red wines.

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