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Liv-ex 100’s rise continues in February

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 rose once again in February, for the ninth consecutive month, as the secondary market continued its rally. The index rose 0.59% in February to close at 322.67, continuing the positive progress for the benchmark index which has been moving upwards since June 2020.

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UK scientists confirm arrival of brown marmorated stink bugs

Scientists have now confirmed that the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), a small flying insect that emits an unpleasant almond-like odour, has arrived in Britain, after most probably hitching a ride on packaging crates.

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Wine e-commerce’s huge opportunity in 2021

The immense surge in online wine purchasing in the past year across multiple markets offers the global wine industry an unprecedented growth opportunity – but one that might fade when lockdowns end. How will consumers be persuaded to carry on ordering online when it becomes easy to visit supermarkets or liquor stores?

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China’s wine imports down 30% in 2020

From January to December 2020, figures show that the cumulative imports in the period were 471 million litres – a decline of 28.8% year-on-year – meanwhile the value of imports was US$2.83 billion – down by 19.9% year-on-year.

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Despite an 18% drop in volumes, the Champagne sector is fighting back

Shipments of Champagne in 2020 totalled 245 million bottles, down 18% compared to 2019. The health crisis is a blow, but Champagne has taken steps to meet the challenge. The year 2020 was a particularly testing time for the Champagne sector right across the world. The closure of some of the main centres for Champagne […]

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How Brexit affects European businesses

After more than four years of debate and negotiations, the UK left the EU trading bloc on January 1st 2021. James Lawrence asks European wine producers if they are ready to trade under new terms.

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Amorim reveals breakthrough technologies to eradicate detectable TCA

Amorim, one of the world’s leading producers of cork products, has announced the launch of Naturity and Xpür, technologies which have been designed to remove detectable TCA from natural corks and to create a new segment of micro-agglomerated stoppers, respectively.

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IWSR announces acquisition of Wine Intelligence

IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, the leading authority on the worldwide beverage alcohol industry, has announced its acquisition of London-based Wine Intelligence, the top global experts on wine consumer research and insights. The combined offering provides the industry with robust insight into consumption trends, consumer behaviour and growth opportunities for the global beverage alcohol sector. Founded […]

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Jancis Robinson: The glass may not be greener

For many of us wine drinkers, our first conscious act towards saving the planet was separating empty bottles from the rest of our rubbish. It made us feel pretty good, even though most of us were, and continue to be, shockingly ignorant about what happens next to those bottles.

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US backs down from tariffs over French tech giant taxes

America’s top trade negotiator said the US would not move forward with tariffs on French goods planned as punishment for new taxes on US tech firms. The decision comes less than three weeks before US President Donald Trump is due to leave office.

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Australia-China trade relations remain a ‘waiting game’

By Samuel Squire It is understood that severe tariff hikes to Australian exported goods, including wine and other agricultural and mining goods, will be implemented as of today, Friday November 6. A request to apply retrospective tariffs on Australian wine, and other agricultural and mining products, was made by China’s Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA) in […]

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Poland: a growing wine market

The Global Compass ranks Poland as the fifth most attractive wine market in the world, up from 14th place in 2019. It also places Poland as one of seven ‘growth’ markets in the world, along with South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Romania, Brazil and Mexico.

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EU wine, whiskey duties seen making US sellers ‘punching bag’

Wine and spirits distributors and importers, many of them small businesses struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, are pressing the Trump administration to lift tariffs on European goods, saying the levies hurt Americans most.

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Vintage Wine Estates smoke-taint insurance lawsuit scheduled for trial could set precedent

After nine months of legal jousting and pandemic delays, the Vintage Wine Estates (VWE) smoke-taint lawsuit against its insurance company is scheduled for a jury trial sometime in early 2022 in the San Francisco US District Court for the Northern District of California. Judge Maxine M. Chesney has set jury selection for Feb. 14, 2022, […]

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North Bay wildfires cloud winegrape harvest as total losses could approach $500 million

Images of destruction from the Glass fire around the northern Napa Valley vividly depicted the peril in some of the nation’s premier vineyards. In all, more than a dozen wineries in the valley, where grape-planted land sells for as much as $1 million an acre, sustained property damage and singed grapevines as of Friday.

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