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French wineries to get aid as new US tariffs bite

More French and German wines have been hit with retaliatory US import tariffs this week, as France’s government promises fresh aid for winemakers and an alliance of American retailers and merchants looks to president-elect Joe Biden to solve the impasse.

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South Africa: Wineries out of business, jobs lost from alcohol ban

With alert Level 3 lockdown regulations extended, including the ban on alcohol sales and on-site consumption at restaurants and tasting rooms, wine businesses are reeling. Not all of them will recover.

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Dan Berger: Tax and Trade Bureau’s new ruling on bottle sizes

A “bottle of wine” contains 750 millilitres of liquid, about 25 ounces. And if you picked up a wine bottle in a store and the label said it had only 700ml inside, you might think you were getting ripped off. However, the 700ml bottle isn’t a legally permitted size. And that may not change for […]

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Direct-to-consumer shipping opens in Kentucky

The state of Kentucky enacted a direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping law for beer, wine, and spirits, effective July 15, 2020, and on December 14, 2020, finally issued the regulations to implement the new law.

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Post-2020: Sonoma growers face uncertain but hopeful harvest

After a disastrous 2020, Sonoma County grape growers should find a stronger appetite for their crops this year, though there’s still uncertainty, a top wine industry analyst said.

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Preliminary estimates indicate Sonoma Pinot hit hardest by smoke

Estimates of the total tons picked in 2020 show what many in the North Coast feared; Sonoma County’s Pinot Noir crop appears to have suffered the most. According to preliminary estimates by the grape and wine brokerage firm Ciatti, the 2020 Sonoma County harvest of Pinot Noir came to roughly 30,000 tons which would be […]

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Planning for the future: Vins de Provence commit to 100% sustainability certification by 2030

One thing winemakers and growers universally agree upon is that climate change is real. Their unique perspective that bears witness to the seasons and each vintage, draws into focus the long-term effects of a warmer climate. With vintages becoming earlier and earlier, a long-term view on protecting their vineyards and those of future generations’ livelihoods […]

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Washington considers new grape pest quarantine rules

Following years of discussion, Washington state plans to update its rules governing the movement of grape planting stock to protect the wine and juice industries from pests and diseases. The changes to the grape pest quarantine program resulted from five years of industry-led work to standardise grapevine nursery stock certification and quarantine requirements across the […]

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US wine industry poised to bounce back in 2021

The US wine industry is poised to bounce back in 2021, according to a report by Silicon Valley Bank, with a consumer desire to celebrate set to help drive wine sales this year. Wineries that have established strong direct-to-consumer sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as online retailers, can expect more gains in 2021, […]

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US The Midwesterners creating their own natural wine scene

When Jill Mott returned home to Minneapolis after she received her sommelier certificate in Chicago in 2011, she wanted to change the city’s wine scene. She felt that, outside of Chicago, the Midwestern market for low-intervention wines lagged behind places like New York City and Los Angeles.

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Champagne film featuring Stephen Fry to launch at Cannes

A film about Champagne featuring Stephen Fry, a range of high-profile figures from the French sparkling wine region, and UK wine writers is to launch at Cannes in the summer. Called Sparkling: The Story of Champagne, the film is described as a feature length documentary, and has been created by a London-based independent production company […]

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Blog: The clean-washing of wine

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, one might expect natural winemakers to feel flush with admiration. Instead, many are worrying about how the clean wine trend’s penchant for scare tactics about additives, gluten, and sugar undermines the integrity of their own movement.

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Brexit deal offers boost for wine but concerns linger

Measures that could have cost millions and led to higher wine prices have been avoided, says the UK trade, but there is still extra admin and also uncertainty about how Brexit will play out. The Brexit deal ensures wine produced in either the UK of EU will avoid the costly VI-1 certificate.

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Sonoma’s Free Flow Wines talks surge in canned wine during the pandemic

Free Flow Wines has come a long way since founders Jordan Kivelstadt and Dan Donahoe caught the concept for a kegged-wine company after a visit to an Atlanta restaurant in 2004. Interest from consumers for wine in cans led to expansion of that business. It was a move that proved strategic for further company revenue […]

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Juan Park: Wine packaging and the rise of e-commerce

How consumers enjoy products has long fascinated me as it is as much about technology as it is about consumer adoption. In wine, we also find examples of different levels of packaging adoption.

Read more > sales surpass $300 million in 2020, a leading US online wine retailer, closed the 2020 calendar year with $329 million in revenue, representing 119% year-over-year growth. For the most recent quarter, ending 12/31/20, revenue was $111 million, up 64% over the prior year.

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