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Grown At High Altitudes, Bolivia’s Wines Are Rising Stars

NPR reports that while Bolivia might be better known for snow-capped mountains than sun-drenched vineyards, the landlocked South American nation is making waves with award-winning wines. To take advantage of what wine-growing space the nation has, wineries began planting a red wine grape called tannat, which has a thicker skin to resist the intense sunlight […]

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Tariffs Could See Alcohol Rise in Bordeaux

Wine-searcher reports bordeaux vintners will have to consider raising their alcohol levels to avoid new US import tariffs of 25 per cent on the French wine. Spanish and German table wines below 14 percent alcohol are also falling under the new tariffs. The Trump administration’s latest salvo in its trade war with the European Union […]

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Organic wines popular with the French

Vitisphere says the organic wine industry is now worth more than a billion euros in the French market and as much as €1.5 billion euros including exports. Vitisphere reports revenue is expected to increase further due to strong demand. According to a survey commissioned by Agence Bio and conducted by OpinionWay, 48 per cent of […]

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Spain jumps on the organic bandwagon for better export potential

Harpers reports Spain is increasingly focusing on organic and biodynamic wines in a bid to drive-up exports. In a nod to the growing trend, a new major wine fair, Barcelona Wine Week, is dedicating space to organic and biodynamic wines. However, despite the trend, Spanish Organic Wines (SOW) said the majority of Spain’s organic wines are […]

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Wine assembly in China to boost profile

Vino-joy says The Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) has announced that it will host the next General Assembly in China, which is expected to give a boost to China’s wine making profile among the world’s best sommeliers.

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Ferocious frost hits Chilean vineyards

Decanter reported that night time temperatures plummeted below zero for three days in a row with a cold front which caused significant frost damage to some vineyards in Chile’s Central Valley. Some vineyards reported losses of up to 100 per cent of their shoots following a severe frost which peaked with temperatures recorded as low […]

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Organic rise lifts Spain’s export potential

The number of Spain’s organic wine producers increased by 10 per cent in 2018, according to new government figures. In an attempt to increase exports, Spain will now focus on organic and biodynamic wines. Source: Harpers

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Bordeaux’s second act in China

  Bordeaux wines are losing steam in its most profitable market in China. Years of growth slowed in 2018, with exports dropping in volume and value, according to the wine trade organisation CIVB. Source: Vino-joy

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US importers, consumers face rise in French wine prices

American importers and retailers of European wine are preparing for a rise in prices after the World Trade Organisation recently approved US tariffs on up to $7.5 billion of European products annually. Source: Houston Chronicle

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Burgundy price demise rumours exaggerated

According to the fine wine exchange Liv-Ex, Burgundy’s top wines are priced unsustainably, but Wine-Searcher data shows this may not be the case. Source: Wine-Searcher  

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Climate change conference held in Napa

More than 200 people recently attended the “Climate of Action” conference in Napa Valley, days after thousands of residents were left without power after PG&E cut off power to minimise risks of potential fires. Source: Wine Business

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Leading EU wine companies unite to tackle challenges

A total of 27 leaders from some of the EU’s major wine companies have met to discuss challenges at stake for the European wine trade including climate change and sustainability. Source: Vino-joy

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California wineries take mid-harvest power outages in stride

The local utility company PG&E has been cutting power to prevent wildfires, leaving millions in the dark. In wine country, however, it’s mostly business as usual. Source: Wine Spectator

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Divico pitched as the grape to drive UK red wine production

Divico could be the grape to drive UK production of “quality red wine”, according to viticultural scientists in Kent. Research winery NIAB EMR believes the Swiss-developed Divico grape could be a “game-changer” as it “thrives despite the challenges of the UK climate.” Source: Harpers

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“So much” of wine’s future is in a can

Greencroft Bottling, one of the UK’s biggest and most influential packing companies in the country has decided to invest over £2 million in installing the UK’s first canning line for wine. What opportunities lie ahead? Source: The Buyer

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How do you source sustainable wine for a list?

The Buyer has been exploring what steps restaurants, wine buyers and sommeliers can take to make their wine lists more sustainable. Is it time for the premium on-trade to be taking sustainable wine far more seriously? And if so, how? Source: The Buyer

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