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Langhorne Creek’s Lake Breeze expands its hospitality with $1.8 million venue

Because there was no Langhorne Creek Wine Show in 2020 due to the virus, technically Lake Breeze is the reigning champion from 2019. Family owned and operated, Lake Breeze is home to award-winning wines including Bernoota, the sell-out Handpicked Festival and currently offers a seasonal wedding offering. Image: Victor Harbor Times

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Kiwi tourism operators buzzing again over long weekend

In Queenstown, the number of people Emma Chisholm could take on family-owned Alpine Wine Tours has almost halved due to social distancing in the company’s vans. She was keen for government input. “I think the sooner we can get to level 1, it will just make it so much better for everyone. We can go […]

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North Coast wineries fight for survival amid the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the Sonoma County wine industry like no other event since Prohibition. More than the effects of drought or wildfires. More than a lacklustre grape harvest. Even worse than President Donald Trump’s international trade wars, particularly with China, which has crushed US wine exports to that nation as the Chinese retaliated […]

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Near term prospects for the wine industry

As widely reported, the good news is that wine sales are up compared to pre-pandemic levels. But the bad news, according to the surveys conducted by Wine Intelligence, are that social drinking occasions are not going to reappear soon. When asked what they are more likely to do once pandemic restrictions are lifted, roughly 40% […]

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The price of vineyards continues to climb in France

In 2019, the number of vineyard transactions rose significantly to 9,200 (up 5% on 2018) with a total of 18,300 hectares changing hands (+9%) worth 987 million euros (+17%). In each wine region, the most prestigious appellations are driving up prices (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Côtes du Rhône growths, etc.). For the first time, prices have fallen […]

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Santa Rita appoints new winegrowing director and marketing lead

South American wine giant Santa Rita Estates has made two new appointments to its team of directors. Francisca Muñiz has been hired as corporate marketing director, while current marketing boss Jaime de la Barra as moved on to become the company’s winegrowing director. Both have moved to their new roles with immediate effect. Image: The Drinks […]

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South Africa’s wine industry will not be saved by the eased lockdown rules

South Africa’s drinks industry has been hit hard by alcohol sales bans, with wineries unable to make, sell or export products. Wines of South Africa, a not-for-profit industry organisation that promotes the export of South African wine, estimates that export revenues lost during the ban amount to ZAR1bn ($57m).

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Coronavirus prompts slump in Champagne sales

Has life under quarantine changed the way people drink? It’s certainly made to-go cocktails a part of some people’s regular routines. And it’s shifted the drinking habits of others. A new report at Reuters, however, suggests that at least one aspect of the alcohol world is in the midst of a downturn: Champagne.

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Tumbarumba wines “hugely impress” wine’s top critic

The reviews are in and Tumbarumba wines appear to have won the heart of one of the most influential wine critics in the world. In May, Ms Robinson tasted through those 33 Tumbarumba wines – including sparkling wines, Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, as well as other varietal wine – which represent most Tumbarumba owners, growers and […]

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Free trips offered to New Zealand’s wine island

The island’s zip line company is so keen for customers, it’s willing to pay your $42 return ferry trip to the island if you book in for a zip tour. EcoZip is found in the heart of the island, on lush fertile hills where vineyards meet dense bush.

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Vinpro: 18,000 jobs lost in South African wine industry

Although liquor sales are allowed from today (June 1), the two-month ban on the sale of alcohol, combined with a ban on exports, has had a devastating impact on the South African wine industry. According to figures released by Vinpro, about 80 wineries and 350 producers have gone out of business, and 18,000 workers have […]

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California winery finds a clever way to cut carbon pollution

Jackson Family Wines have taken the initiative to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the weight of its glass bottles. The winery not only invests in renewable energy and efficiency, it’s reduced the weight of each glass bottle of its Kendall-Jackson and La Crema Lines by a couple of ounces.

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Southern French wine regions announce €34m COVID-19 recovery plan

The regional council of Occitanie, together with businesses and wine marketing boards have collectively contributed €34 million towards an “ambitious and immediate” recovery plan to boost sales post-COVID-19. The “unprecedented” scheme aims to safeguard jobs, boost sales and help the region and its wine producers regain market share over the next 18 months.

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California wineries prepare for visitors and a new normal

Visitors to California wineries in Napa Valley, Sonoma and beyond can expect new rules if tasting rooms are allowed to reopen, but there will also be fresh experiences to try. Face masks, a fixed boundary for social distancing, more outdoor tastings, individual spittoons and extra hand sanitiser stations are among a host of measures being […]

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Expensive wine sales eclipsed by hard seltzer

Top-end wine sales are slowing as consumers aim for quantity and value during the lockdown, Nielsen reports. Wine is still selling enough by volume at retail stores and over the internet to make up for the collapse of restaurant sales, Nielsen reports. And people are not focusing on cheap wines. The fastest growth rate for […]

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Riverland wine region pushes to make mark on labels, as growers shrug off industry stigma

Australia’s largest wine region, which produces more than a quarter of the national crush, is rarely listed on a wine bottle label and is not very well-known outside its home state of South Australia. Some growers have made it their mission to transform the Riverland’s bulk-wine image, to showcase the high-quality wines it has to […]

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