Aldi launches own-brand wine in ‘flat’ bottles, nearly seven times lighter than glass

Aldi’s Chapter & Verse Shiraz

Aldi has launched its own-brand wine in flat, recycled wine bottles, a first for a UK supermarket.

Made from 100 percent recycled PET, the new flat bottles weigh just 63g – making them nearly seven times lighter and stronger than a standard glass bottle, while being completely shatterproof.

With a bottle weight reduction of 42 tonnes, the compact design allows 30% more bottles to be loaded onto pallets and transported to supermarkets. Aldi said that converting to these bottles compared to standard round glass would take an estimated 30% of lorries off the road.

The eco-friendly Chapter & Verse Shiraz and Chapter & Verse Chardonnay flat bottles are fully recyclable and designed to easily stack on shelves. Aldi also released Chassaux et Fils Méditerranée Rosé, which launched as a recycled PET bottle.


Aldi’s Chassaux et Fils Méditerranée Rosé, launched in a recycled PET bottle


“We know shoppers are looking for greener, more sustainable products and our aim is to continue to deliver this, whilst offering great value and enhanced functionality,” said Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK. “We’re pleased to be taking the next step in expanding our recyclable, eco-friendly range.”

Aldi has worked with packaging business Packamama on the supermarket-first initiative.

Santiago Navarro, the CEO and founder of Packamama, said the business was “honoured” to partner with Aldi, and that the partnership highlighted both brands’ commitment to sustainability.

“This collaboration delivers the much-loved Chapter & Verse in our innovative eco-flat bottles to customers, offering the perfect blend of quality, value, and sustainability.”

The supermarket is also launching its Chassaux et Fils Méditerranée Rosé (£6.99, 75cl) in a recyclable PET bottle from today. Eight times lighter than the average 75cl glass bottle, the launch alone will help to remove 18.15 tonnes of bottle weight.

Alongside the new plastic bottles, Aldi is reducing the average bottle weight of all its still wine products by 8%. The process has been started already and will be completed by 2025.

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