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US alcohol sales increased in 2018 despite Americans drinking less

Alcohol sales in USA last year reached US$253.8 billion, an increase of 5.1%, according to a report by; however, the US population is drinking less. The average American adult consumed six less alcoholic drinks in 2018. Despite this, the report found the average consumer spend has increased, as has the average prices for alcoholic […]

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How collaborative urban farming allowed a French winemaker to rethink its business model

A French vineyard has found an innovative and interactive way to do business responsibly by pairing with a local urban farming collective. “We’ve left the purely capitalist way of doing business,” says its owner. Source: Beverage Daily

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India’s former wine wasteland now the domain of millennials

Wine’s future in India is in the hands of millennials who have come out of nowhere to become the most influential group of wine drinkers, according to one of the country’s leading experts. Source: Beverage Daily

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Naked Wines to award £9,000 grant to UK wine student

A lucky Plumpton College wine student will be gifted a £9,000 grant from Naked Wines as part of the company’s 10th birthday celebrations. The money will cover one student’s full time tuition fees for one year to study a wine production degree. “Plumpton College is one of the best institutes in the world for wine […]

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France is the most famous wine region among Chinese drinkers

Wine Intelligence conducted a survey among 2000 Chinese middle and upper class wine drinkers, and the 32-most cited regions and their associated ‘brands’ by the surveyed consumers revealed that France was the most commonly known wine region. Bordeaux held the number 1 spot, while French regions accounted for half of the 32 spots. Only three Australian designations […]

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New study shows wine experts differ by geographic region

A new study has shown vintners, sommeliers, journalists and other wine experts from Canada judge and rate wines differently depending on where in the nation they are located. British Columbia and Quebec were studied, and the study proposes that both regions have different wine-tasting traditions and histories, impacting how residents appraise wine. Source: Science Daily

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US millennials turning away from wine as consumption drops

The Wine Intelligence US Landscapes 2019 report finds that despite the adult population growth, a declining proportion of alcohol drinkers combined with a decline in frequency of wine consumption has caused the monthly wine drinking population to drop. Wine Intelligence asserts a key factor of this decline is American millennials driving a downward shift in […]

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Silicon Valley Bank predicts premium wine sales growth in USA will decline again in 2019

Silicon Valley Bank has released its 2019 State of the Wine Industry report, assessing the current conditions in the USA wine industry and forecasting the year ahead based on research and economic and behavioural trends. The report shows the growth rate of sales continues to decline as a result of generational consumer shifts, such as […]

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There are bigger fish to fry besides China, says drinks industry expert

A drinks industry expert recommends producers should look beyond China and Hong Kong for growth opportunities in Southeast Asia. Joe Milner, who has worked for Constellation Brands and Diageo before becoming managing director of Milestone Beverages, suggested producers should turn to Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea or Taiwan, as they may offer “less competition, [and] better […]

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Ireland proceeds with minimum alcohol pricing

The Irish government is moving ahead with the introduction of minimum pricing for alcohol. It is expected that the government will press ahead with its plans to implement the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015. Retailers in Ireland are concerned that it could result in an increase in consumers heading north over the border to buy […]

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Italy overtakes France in the UK On-Premise

For the first time ever, Italy has more listings on UK wine lists than France. That’s according to new research just released by Wine Business Solutions. Share of Total Wine Listings by Country – 2014 to 2019 Wine Business Solutions’ Principal, Peter McAtamney says – “This follows the trend that we have been seeing in […]

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Distell launches new premium wine company in Africa

Distell, Africa’s leading wines and spirits producer and marketer, is capitalising on its roots in premium and fine wine and is launching Libertas Vineyards and Estates as a new stand-alone company with ownership of all the premium wine brands. Libertas Vineyards and Estates’ managing director, Kay Nash, said the move was a “significant shift” from […]

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WSTA calls for suspension of wine tariffs in case of ‘no deal’ Brexit

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has called for a suspension on wine tariffs for bottles imported into the United Kingdom, as it fears the price of wine will sky rocket if a no-deal Brexit occurs. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, tariffs on EU wines, combined with a planned duty increase […]

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Dan Jago steps down from CEO role

Dan Jago, CEO of Berry Bros & Rudd (BBR), is stepping down from the role; Jago started in the role in 2015 and oversaw a turnaround of the business. Prior to his position at BBR, Jago was head of the Beer, Wine and Spirits department at Tesco, and prior to that he was the joint […]

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Greencroft set to become UK’s largest bottling operation

Lanchester Wine Cellars is investing in its bottling subsidiary Greencroft, with plans for production to boost from 100 million litres in 2018 to a capacity of between 3-400 million litres by early 2020. The £18 million investment in Greencroft and its equipment is aiming to deliver what the company describes as “the most modern bottling […]

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Wine lists need to be more than just a list of wine

“A wine list that is only a list of wine, sucks”, said Paul Grieco of New York’s Terroir wine bar and restaurant, in his address to the first Somm360 congress in Montreal late last year. Grieco addressed the problems with wine lists, that the pricing and size of the drinks selection was not what mattered […]

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