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New inductee into Agricultural hall of fame: Researcher who introduced Viognier winegrape variety to Lodi AVA, California

The Lodi American Viticultural Area boasts close to 100 wine grape varieties currently in production. Richard Ripken helped introduce Lodi to a host of new wine grapes through his own research and with the University of California Cooperative Extension. In 1991, Ripken introduced wine grape varieties, such as Viognier, to Lodi and he now farms […]

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Pernod Ricard renews massive 35-state distribution agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits in USA

Pernod Ricard USA, the US unit of the world’s 2nd largest wine and spirits company has just renewed its distribution contract with Southern Glazer’s; the contract, effective as of July 2019, will extend through to June 2024. Pernod Ricard’s portfolio of brands will be distributed across Southern Glazer’s US network in 35 states. Some of Pernod […]

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Turin’s annual wine celebrations sees wine flow from fountains

This weekend is the second ‘Grapes in Town’ annual event in Turin, a celebration of the city’s wine culture. As part of the three-day festival, locals and visitors can drink Barbera Fontanafredda wine from a portable green fountain in the shape of a bull’s head. Grapes in Town will also feature tastings, masterclasses and guided […]

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Trailblazers: Sisters raised apart in California and New Zealand become first African-American sister duo to establish a wine company

Robin and Andréa McBride are the founders of McBride Sisters Wines, championing the core values of sustainability, empowerment, innovation, and community. Their first business was importing wine from New Zealand into USA, and 14 years later they’re still breaking the mould of the male-dominated and predominately white wine business. Source: Forbes

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Thanks to new law, Napa Valley wineries can now use social media to support their business

Wineries in Napa Valley can now utilise social media for their business in a new way. In late September Assembly Bill 2452 was signed, which takes effect in January; this will let wineries freely use social media to promote events hosted by retailers that plan to feature their wines. The previous ‘Tied House’ laws aimed […]

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Canned wine popularity levels surge in USA, but not South Africa

Canned wine is currently experiencing massive growth in the US. Between June 2017 and June 2018 sales of canned wine grew by 43%, and the market is now worth $45 million, with more than 100 canned wine brands in the country. This trend is supported by millennials who prefer the cheaper and more portable packaging. However, […]

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Spain’s innovations in conservative wine sector: blue and tea-infused wine

A group of university students in Spain wanted to shake things up in the wine world, and after two years of University research with the help of professional chemical engineers and a centre for food innovation, they launched Gik Live!; the company has released blue wine, red wine infused with earl grey tea, white wine […]

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USA: Sonoma overtakes Napa in direct-to-consumer shipment volume

September saw a 3% growth in the value of US wine sales. The most expensive direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipments came from Napa, whereas Sonoma County was the one region in the last year to see volumes grow faster than shipment value. Sonoma wineries had a shipment increase of 27%. Source: Wines and Vines

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Europe’s proposed laws for labels on de-alcoholised wine

Until recently in Europe, only products containing more than 8.5% alcohol could have the word ‘wine’ on their labels, but that could soon change. EU officials are now proposing to amend regulations to “ensure that the rules governing labelling of products in the wine sector also apply” to de-alcoholised wine (alcohol strength of less than […]

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International research on women’s confidence in wine knowledge shows improvement in China

Wine Intelligence’s recent research reveals that, while globally women are less confident with choosing wine compared to men, they are becoming more knowledgeable. In China 51% of women and men feel competent about their knowledge of wine, while women from Australia, the USA, United Kingdom and Japan are still lagging in their confidence of their […]

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Investigation into AVA labelling controversy in Napa Valley Winery

A Napa Valley winery has been accused of using deceptive labels, and the owner who has called the controversy a “charade”, is working with investigators. California’s Copper Cane LLC has two brands, “The Willametter Journal” and “Elouan”, using Oregon grapes, which have raised suspicion; some believe the labels and packaging falsely imply the wines originate […]

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Burgundies worth half a million US dollars to be consumed, not collected

The anonymous buyers who each bought a bottle of 1945 Burgundy for record-smashing prices at a Sotheby’s auction in New York on the weekend are unlikely to let them sit in a cellar; they paid premium price intending to drink them. One bottle sold for US$558,000 and the other US$496,000. One went to a US […]

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Wineries in Napa Valley and Bordeaux test out new “Alien” grape-sorting robot

Napa Valley winery Alpha Omega is the first US winery to beta-test the new “Alien” optical grape sorting robot during the 2018 harvest, developed by CITF Group Inc. A second Alien unit is being tested this harvest in Bordeaux, and an Alien was also tested earlier this year during the 2018 southern hemisphere Australian harvest.The […]

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Majority of Prosecco drinkers don’t care if it’s DOC or DOCG

Stefano Ferrante, head winemaker at leading Italian sparkling wine producer Zonin1821, has said that while Italian consumers and “top restaurants” care about the difference between DOC and DOCG Prosecco, “for the rest of the world, Prosecco is Prosecco, and nobody cares” about the additional labels. The DOC label refers to the larger DOC area of […]

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English and Welsh wine production at all-time high in face of Brexit uncertainty

David Parkinson, CEO of WineGB, a trade organisation representing vineyards in England and Wales, said that this year’s harvest provided a much needed lift for the UK in the face of Brexit: “This year’s extraordinary harvest offers the UK wine industry so many exciting opportunities. It comes at a time when there is so much uncertainty […]

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Moroccan wine heading to the Chinese market

Mamoun Sayah, director general of the Moroccan agricultural company Red Farm, is planning to introduce the firm’s wine to the Chinese market through the China International Import Expo (CIIE), scheduled for November in Shanghai. The winery owns 300 hectares of grapes, 50 hectares of which are to be harvested for the first time this year. […]

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