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USA consumption driven by premiumisation

More people in the United States of America (USA) are drinking wine and Euromonitor International expects this trend to continue, predicting that the nation’s wine market will grow 1.2 per cent a year to 2022. Source, Wine Australia

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$1.4m funding for US wine and grape research

The American Vineyard Foundation (AVF) is pleased to announce new funding for twenty-four projects addressing critical viticulture and enology research needs. The AVF relies on voluntary contributions to support ongoing projects and to provide funding for new high priority projects. Source, Wine Industry Insight

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Boost in registration for London Wine Fair

The organisers of the annual London Wine Fair which kicked off its three day jamboree yesterday said it was expecting “a very busy show” with a 60% jump in the number of pre-registered visitors. Source, VINEX Market IQ

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The amazing resilience of vineyards

As wildfires raced through Napa Valley and Sonoma County in October 2017, many newscasters forecasted the destruction of the vintage and even of the region. But as the famous writer, Mark Twain, was reported to have said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Source, Science Direct

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Is China a long term play for US wine?

It sounds crazy but the United States sent less wine to China in 2017 than 2011 despite the imported wine market more than doubling there from 26.8 million to 61.5 million 9-liter cases. The Wine Institute listed 1.58 million cases of exports to China last year, down from 1.79 million cases seven years earlier, a […]

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Fungicides used most on wine grapes

A French consumer protection organization, Que Choisir, tested around 100 French wines for 165 different pesticide residues, including some banned pesticides, naming names in their published results. Source, Firstvine WordPress

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Jefford: Delta Wine

Costières de Nîmes is the key wine-growing zone of Western Europe’s largest river delta, famed for its semi-wild white horses, its marshy bird life, its ferocious mosquitos and its little black fighting bulls. Identity has long been a key question for growers here. Source, Decanter

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Future of wine: drones and edible bottles?

Future wine lovers may be able to eat the bottles as well as drink the contents, after receiving their latest order via drone, suggests a report on the future of wine ordering and drinking, published by Armit Wines in collaboration with a food futurologist. Source, Decanter

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France could run out of Rosé as global demand soars

The country produces over 25 million hectolitres every year – over 10% of the world’s consumption of rosé – but demand has risen by 31% in recent years, and the number of countries that are now importing French pink wine has jumped by 16%, according to reports. Source, Connexion

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Bordeaux 2017 wine prices lower

Bordeaux vintners releasing their 2017 wines over the past week broadly followed the general pattern of price reductions relative to the more consistent 2016 vintage, even if some estates opted to hold levels stable. Source, Blooomberg

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Sweden is more than a monopoly market

There are two different roads into the monopoly. The first is by submitting wines to a Systembolaget tender. If the wine makes it into the fixed, or core, range it has a guaranteed listing time of nine months; if it’s organic, the guaranteed listing time is 12 months. Source, Meininger’s Wine Business International

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Tropical wine

In 2007 Gus Rai branched out, creating the Two Islands range from frozen juice imported from the Barossa Valley. “He’s really passionate about South Australia in general and particularly Barossa Valley, where he has some really good, long-term friends,” says James Kalleske, the current Hatten Wines winemaker, about his CEO. Source, Meininger’s Wine Business International

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Champagne growers hit by violent hailstorms

Hailstones bigger than golf balls have caused at least some damage to 500 hectares of vines in the Côte des Bar area in the south of the Champagne region, according to initial estimates. The hail corridor extended from Les Riceys to Vitry-le-Croisé, with the village of Neuville being the most badly affected. Source, Decanter

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Vines catching up in Northern US

After a long winter, spring is finally arriving in cool and cold climate vineyards across the East and Midwest. When Wines & Vines spoke with Chris Stamp, owner and winemaker of Lakewood Vineyards in Watkins Glen, N.Y. on May 11, he went outside to check which grape varieties were at bud break. Source, Wines & […]

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Red Vinho Verde exists and is making a comeback

Though the words Vinho Verde literally translate to “green wine,” none of the wine produced in this now-popular Portuguese region is actually green. It may, however, be red. Portugal’s Vinho Verde has garnered a solid reputation in the U.S., with wine lovers asking for it by name, particularly during the warm weather months. Source, Forbes

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Why Italy’s volcanoes matter to its wines

“Some of the volcanic areas are long extinct,” Szabo writes, “while others are still alarmingly active. But one thing is clear: without volcanism, the very nature of Italian wine would be profoundly different.” Source, Forbes

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