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Spring 2018 (Volume 33, Number 4)

Welcome to the first quarterly issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal! Actually, scratch that. It’s not the first quarterly issue at all. Technically, it’s the 52nd. Confused? As long, long-time subscribers may recall, the Journal actually started out life as a quarterly. Back then, it was known as the Wine Industry Journal, which was published quarterly from 1986 to 1998 (with just three issues published in the year of 1988, for those doing the sums) until publisher Paul Clancy, after a year of planning, released the first bi-monthly issue of the Journal, expanding the magazine’s marketing and business section in the process and giving the publication its first facelift in 13 years.

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  • ASVO (Anthony Robinson): ASVO Adelaide seminar – Fermentation: Converting Research to Reality
  • WINE AUSTRALIA (Andreas Clark): Redoubling our efforts in the US market
  • ERIKA SYZMANSKI: Is the popularity of European and American oak species for wine barrels justified?
  • Malolactic fermentation in barrel or steel tanks – what are the phenolic and sensorial differences?
  • Truly replicating a barrel requires oak and oxygen
  • Practical measurement of total SO2 in wine
  • AWRI REPORT: Vintage 2018 – observations from the AWRI helpdesk
  • Improving pest surveillance in vineyards through drones, hyperspectral and spatial data
  • Taking yield forecasting into the digital age
  • Australian vineyards opt for new digital and wireless irrigation systems
  • Advances in nursery-vineyard management and healthy and disease-resistant plants
  • MARK O’CALLAGHAN: Data, information, knowledge and the getting of wisdom in wine businesses
  • The danger of relying on anecdotal information in China
  • Red varieties lead Australia’s export growth
  • How can a wine brand compensate for limited distribution?
  • TONY HOARE: The viticultural and marketing road to alternative varieties Part 2: The marketing and making

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