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Winter 2020 - Volume 35 Number 3

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This issue features some emerging and projected impacts of COVID-19 on the wine industry. Peter Bailey from Wine Australia reveals some early sales figures from bottleshops around the nation off the back of measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, Dean Taylor from Wine Depot finds out how wineries have tried to grow the size of the direct-to-consumer pie to take up some of the slack left by the absence of the on-trade and Kym Anderson from the University of Adelaide and Glyn Wittwer from the University of Melbourne present the results of some modelling projecting the impacts of COVID-19 on global wine markets over the next two years. 

In Winemaking, Erika Szymanski explores the latest research into the influence of sulfur on thiol compounds and aroma, Rachel Gore looks at options for reducing the use of refrigeration; and a team of researchers from the University of Melbourne reveal how artificial intelligence has been successfully applied to assess smoke taint in grapes and wine.

In Viticulture, we present the results of an Australian trial into the effect of shoot and bunch thinning on various grape and wine parameters, along with insights from a Tasmanian study into the impact of early spring frost injury at nodes of Pinot Noir on fruitfulness.

And, in lieu of our regular tasting, we compare the approaches and production practices of single-vineyard Chardonnays from two different Australian vineyards and a vineyard in the US.


Industry Association Columns
  • AGW (Lee McLean): As COVID-19 changes everything, strong advocacy is more important than ever
  • WINE AUSTRLIA (Andreas Clark): The Australian wine industry adapts to multiple challenges
  • ASVO (Brooke Howell): Reflecting on 40 years in operation


  • ERIKA SZYMANSKI: Sulfur dioxide, aroma, and the law of unintended consequences
  • Flotation – achieving success
  • RACHEL GORE: SOS: sustain, optimise, save – options for reducing the use of refrigeration without compromising wine quality
  • Advances in artificial intelligence to assess smoke contamination in grapevines and taint in wines due to increased bushfire events
  • AWRI REPORT: Enhancing tropical fruit flavour in Chardonnay and Shiraz through foliar nutrient sprays


  • To thin or not to thin?
  • Effect of frost injury on Pinot Noir
  • Alternative varieties for the Australian wine industry to help winegrape producers in a changing environment and market


Business & Marketing
  • Australian wineries adapt to COVID-19 restrictions
  • COVID-19 and global beverage markets: impacts on Australian wine industry
  • The impact of COVID-19 on domestic wine sales… the story so far
  • Exploring media options to reach wine buyers in China
  • Single vineyard Chardonnay – an AUS v US comparison

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