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Spring - Volume 38 Number 4

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In a joint column, Wine Australia CEO Martine Cole and Australian Grape and Wine CEO Lee McLean speak about the One Sector Plan (OSP), which the organisations say has been sparked by the “perfect storm of issues” that have impacted the sector since 2020.
Underlining the challenges facing the industry that the OSP aims to address are the figures from the 2023 vintage (which Peter Bailey from Wine Australia takes a deep dive into in this issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal) and the export stats from the 2022-23 financial year, also in this issue.
Also in this issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal, we present the fourth and final article in our Towards Net Zero series. With packaging and transport being such a significant contributor to the wine industry’s emissions, we asked the Australian Wine Research Institute to compare the carbon footprint of different packaging options, and the technical considerations that producers should bear in mind when weighing them up.
Sticking with the theme of climate change, over in Viticulture, we are celebrating the return of former regular writer Tony Hoare who from this issue onwards will be providing a series of articles on managing extreme weather events. In keeping with the season, Tony’s first article takes a look at frost. Then researchers from the University of Newcastle revealing the results of their investigations in the influence of changing springtime temperatures on budburst across Australia’s wine regions.
With extreme weather events, such as fires, forecast to become more frequent and intense due to climate change, information to help guide producers on what to do with grapes that have been exposed to smoke from a nearby fire is paramount. While there has been significant inroads into understanding whether or not and to what degree a wine exposed to smoke will be smoke-affected, there has been little research into exactly how consumers perceive these wines. The AWRI presents the results of research it has undertaken into the consumer acceptance of smoke characters in wine.
Our regular scribe Rachel Gore reviews current methods for maturing wine, balancing their quality outcomes against their price.


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