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2014 vintage report for Coal River Valley (Tasmania)

The Coal River Valley had excellent winter and spring rainfall according to Pooley Wines’ winemaker Anna Pooley. Flowering was somewhat hampered in parts of the region by wind resulting in patchy fruitset and lower yields but with cool nights and sunny, mild days, quality looked promising for Pooley Wines. At the time of this report […]

2014 vintage report for Tasmania

Wine Tasmania industry development and extension officer David Sanderson said the 2014 vintage was expected to result in strong quality with reduced yields following last year’s record high. “The vintage started well, with excellent soil moisture and even bud burst but some areas suffered frost damage in spring,” he said. “Overall weather was conducive to […]

2014 vintage report for Rutherglen (Victoria)

Vintage in Rutherglen got away to an early start with many picking in the first week of February, attributable to the heat in January and low crop loads as a result of frost in mid-October. Cofield senior winemaker and proprietor Damien Cofield said picking continued fairly constantly for the rest of vintage, baring small rain […]

2014 vintage report for Heathcote (Victoria)

According to Heathcote Winegrowers Association president Phil Meehan, the region experienced severe frost during spring but those affected still came out on top, producing yet another high quality vintage. Some yields were below expectations due to very warm climatic conditions which also made bunches considerably smaller. “It was also a year of medium to high […]

2014 vintage report for Mornington Peninsula (Victoria)

According to Mornington Peninsula Vignerons executive offer Cheryl Lee, good winter and early spring rainfall recharged soil moisture and filled dams at the beginning of the growing season, making it difficult to get tractors into the fields. But exceptionally cold and windy conditions in late October and early November through flowering resulted in poor fruitset […]

2014 vintage report for Yarra Valley (Victoria)

Abundant winter and spring rain resulted in vines that commenced the season without stress and consequently led to an even bud burst in the Yarra Valley. Cool spring conditions resulted in lower than average yields as flowering was inhibited by cool, wet conditions. The Wine Yarra Valley Technical Sub Committee said the warmth returned in […]

2014 vintage report for Grampians (Victoria)

The Grampians’ defining features of the season included a cold snap during flowering and mild, benign weather conditions although very dry, according to Mount Langi Ghiran general manager and viticulturist Damien Sheehan. The heatwaves came before veraison but were without harsh northerly winds. “Most growers were on the front foot and protected their fruit quite […]

2014 vintage report for Swan Valley (Western Australia)

According to Swan Valley and Regional Winemakers Association president Duncan Harris, vintage commenced in the second week of January and concluded by the first quarter of April with tonnage sitting at 5000. Ideal weather conditions brought the region above average with even-ripening yields due to belated rain in September. Some growers reported a 10 to […]

2014 vintage report for Riverina (New South Wales)

Riverina experienced severe frost in October which caused significant widespread damage to vineyards across the region. According to Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board industry development officer Kristy Bartrop, a large number of frosted blocks lost all or most of its bunches and as a result were not harvested. Chardonnay was in the midst of fruitset […]

2014 vintage report for New England (New South Wales)

According to Topper’s Mountain Wines’ Mark Kirkby, it has been a rough and unpredictable vintage in New England but will most likely turn out to be one of the best in the region’s recent history since the mid-90s. “Early vintage was pretty good generally across New England but it didn’t take long for some troubles […]

2014 vintage report for Cowra (New South Wales)

After good winter rain, the 2014 season kicked off with 30mm of rain just before budburst which vineyard owners described as a “perfect beginning”. But Rosnay Organic Wines’ Sam Statham said the region’s excitement was chilled by two frost events in late October which decimated many vineyards. “Reds that were cropped reasonably where not frost […]

2014 vintage report for Mudgee (New South Wales)

Mudgee experienced one of the driest growing seasons on record with only 30ml of rain recorded from September through to February. Robert Stein Winery viticulturist and winemaker Jacob Stein said dry grown sites struggled to get canopy and good crop load and even irrigated sites had just enough water to meet the demand of the […]

2014 vintage report for Hunter Valley (New South Wales)

This year presented perfect ripening conditions in the Hunter with heavy November rains, followed by sunshine without any 40C-plus days. Little rain throughout January and February allowed winemakers to harvest the fruit at optimum ripeness, rather than being dictated by the possibility of inclement weather. According to the Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association, all […]

2014 vintage report for Coonawarra (South Australia)

Winter was the second wettest in the past 28 years which provided a very welcome recharge to the underground aquifer. Coonawarra Grape and Wine Incorporated president and Wynns Coonawarra Estate regional vineyard manager Allen Jenkins said spring rainfall was high, almost double the long term average. Flowering from late November to mid-December was cold, similar […]

2014 vintage report for Langhorne Creek (South Australia)

This year the Langhorne Creek wine region experienced a “later than usual” vintage. At the end of January the first harvesters rattled into life to begin the sparkling base intake and in late April the final loads of red grapes reached the wineries. According to Langhorne Creek Wine Region executive officer Lian Jaensch, it has […]

2014 vintage report for Adelaide Hills (South Australia)

A very warm spring signalled the start of an unusual season for the Adelaide Hills wine region. The early budburst was followed by periods of unseasonably cold weather with windy conditions and dewy mornings and occasional bursts of hot weather. According to the Adelaide Hills Wine Region (AHWR) Technical Committee convenor Richard Hamilton, a small […]

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