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2014 vintage report for Riverina (New South Wales)

Riverina experienced severe frost in October which caused significant widespread damage to vineyards across the region.
According to Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board industry development officer Kristy Bartrop, a large number of frosted blocks lost all or most of its bunches and as a result were not harvested.
Chardonnay was in the midst of fruitset at the time of the frost and concerns were raised that bunches wouldn’t evenly ripen as the cold snap retarded growth of the berries.
“Fortunately for a number of producers, bunches did develop and ripen for a reasonable Chardonnay harvest of around 52,000 tonnes less than the 2013 harvest,” Bartrop said.
“This recovery in tonnages was in part due to the above average yield that was present before the frost event.”
The red variety crush for 2014 was expected to reach approximately 110,000 tonnes which was 26,000 tonnes less than 2013.
The white variety’s total crush was expected to be approximately 9000 tonnes lighter than 2013 at a total of 155,000 tonnes.
Bartrop said throughout the growing season there was limited disease pressure and the quality and flavour was great.
But the viability of the industry continues to be a concern for many with the omnipresent issue of low returns on investment, causing many to contemplate alternatives and exit the industry.