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2014 vintage report for Heathcote (Victoria)

According to Heathcote Winegrowers Association president Phil Meehan, the region experienced severe frost during spring but those affected still came out on top, producing yet another high quality vintage.
Some yields were below expectations due to very warm climatic conditions which also made bunches considerably smaller.
“It was also a year of medium to high baume and low acid but while climate change is an ongoing issue, most vineyards in the region have strategies in place to tackle it,” Meehan said.
Most vineyards were affected by the heat in January but where water was available to the vineyard, there was minimal crop loss.
Flavour and quality of fruit was good however Meehan said birds were a problem, more so than previous years.
“They were very aggressive in the area but the smaller vineyards that were bird-netted minimised the damage.”

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