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2014 vintage report for Tasmania

Wine Tasmania industry development and extension officer David Sanderson said the 2014 vintage was expected to result in strong quality with reduced yields following last year’s record high.
“The vintage started well, with excellent soil moisture and even bud burst but some areas suffered frost damage in spring,” he said.
“Overall weather was conducive to vigorous growth, with rainfall exceeding averages and warm days.
“This growth has been well managed by growers to reduce disease pressure in the canopy and allow light into the fruit zone for some varieties.”
Fruitfulness was considered average to above average, with fruitset slightly patchy, trending in most areas to lower than expected.
Weather has generally been good with mild to warm days, little rain and cool nights.
Vintage started up to two weeks later than normal and the ripening rate appeared to be variable but lagging behind a “rule of thumb rate” of one degree baume per week, which Sanderson said was counter-intuitive considering healthy canopies, light crops and good weather.
“Indications are that the yield is down by around 30 per cent on average, which is unfortunate given indicative quality is looking very good,” Sanderson said.
“Very little disease of economic importance has also been noted. The seasonal outlook for a warmer than average autumn with an even chance of average rainfall bodes well for the remainder of vintage.”