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1998 vintage report for Yarra Valley (Victoria)

‘Excellent’ whites and ‘very good to exceptional’ reds have emerged from the 1998 vintage in the Yarra Valley, according to Chris Keyes from the Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association. He said some winemakers are claiming this is the vintage of the decade so far. ‘It was a very good ripening season – Chardonnay and Pinot […]

1998 vintage report for Warren Valley (Western Australia)

Vintage commenced in mid-February, about a week early, in the Warren Valley region. Most varieties showed promise until about mid-March when a lot of early rainfall damaged many of the later varieties. Warren Valley Wine Industry Association President Bob Peruch said unirrigated low-yielding vineyards experienced a near 100% recovery of excellent fruit. Yields were up […]

1998 vintage report for Upper Hunter Valley (New South Wales)

Andrew Cruickshank, president of the Upper Hunter Winemakers Association, expects 1998 to be a ‘famous year’ for reds, with high sugars and rich, ripe fruit flavours. Vintage in the region began earlier than usual and continued in hot, dry weather. Yields were average; Andrew said some white varieties cropped very well with a low incidence […]

1998 vintage report for Tumbarumba (New South Wales)

The Tumbarumba region saw a 100% increase in yield over last year. Frank Minutello, president of the Vignerons Association, explained that the 1997 vintage was affected by frost and 1998 saw some young vineyards coming on-line and others approaching peak production. Vintage in the area started on 20 February and continued in dry and hot […]

1998 vintage report for Tasmania

When this report was compiled not all figures were available, but indications are that there will be an increase in production of more than 50% over last year. Fred Peacock, secretary of the Vineyards Association of Tasmania, said the increase was partly due to an increase in bearing area, but was largely the result of […]

1998 vintage report for Southwest Coastal (Western Australia)

The region produced a 30% increase in yield, due mainly to new plantings, good fruitset in most varieties and no frost problems. Marcus Ansems, chief winemaker/viticulturist at Baldivis Estate, said weather during vintage was warm and dry, with a couple of hot days early and late rains post harvest. Incidence of fungal disease was low. […]

1998 vintage report for Rutherglen (Victoria)

Yields were variable in the Rutherglen region in 1998. ‘Low rainfall had a dramatic impact on dry-land vineyards, giving very low yields,’ said Chris Pfeiffer, president of the Winemakers of Rutherglen. ‘Irrigated vineyards were down slightly.’ Vintage started early in mid-February and it was a brief vintage for many, with grapes coming in quickly. ‘Some […]

1998 vintage report for Robe (South Australia)

Unlike most other regions, Robe had an early budburst, in spite of the dry, cool winter. As in Coonawarra, the continuing dry spring conditions prompted an early start to irrigation, but later rains improved the situation greatly. The main problem for Robe this season was with wind, which was strong throughout spring in this usually […]

1998 vintage report for Riverland (South Australia)

The 1998 vintage in the Riverland of SA was down slightly on pre-season estimates. The downturn was mainly in red varieties and while this improved the quality, in view of market demand the result was disappointing. Vintage in the region began on 17 February with Verdelho and continued with excellent weather. There was some rain […]

1998 vintage report for Riverina (New South Wales)

Tonnes per hectare were down and litres per tonne were below average in the Riverina region of New South Wales, due to dry/drought conditions during the growing season, and despite irrigation. Andrew Schulz from The Cranswick Estate said that yields decreased about 8%, but the quality overall was very good. Vintage began on 28 January, […]

1998 vintage report for Pyrenees (Victoria)

Reports from the Pyrenees region of Western Victoria indicate that the 1998 vintage will be a memorable one. Crop levels were well above average in general and most wineries in the region were filled to capacity, with lack of tank space a problem in some cases. Mount Avoca Vineyard doubled its yields of the previous […]

1998 vintage report for Perth Hills (Western Australia)

An excessively dry season, combined with damage from birds and kangaroos, led to a 30% decrease in the 1998 yield for the Perth Hills region. Maxinne Sclanders, president of the Perth Hills Vignerons’ Association, reports that vintage started (as normal) in late January for sparkling wines and was carried out in hot and dry weather. […]

1998 vintage report for Pemberton (Western Australia)

Vintage started in the last week of February for sparkling wine base. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for table wine was harvested in the first week of March for warmer vineyard sites while cooler vineyards started their harvest in mid-March. Heavy rain in mid-March delayed harvest in some vineyards and also caused some fruit rot. Patrick […]

1998 vintage report for Padthaway (South Australia)

Nick Bulleid of Southcorp reports that Padthaway had an exceptionally dry winter and, even though rainfall improved into spring, conditions remained dry. Budburst, although even, was between one and two weeks late. By the end of October Padthaway was headed for the second driest year in the last 27 years of records and irrigation starting […]

1998 vintage report for Orange (New South Wales)

Peter Hedberg of the Orange Region Vignerons Association reported that mild, dry conditions had produced some exceptional flavour and colour in all red varieties. ‘Cabernet, Shiraz and Merlot were excellent and Pinot Noir also showed great flavour for champagne base.’ Yields increased by 10% mainly due to good January rain. Weather during vintage was dry, […]

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