Spring issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal out now

In the Spring 2019 issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal, researchers in Argentina reveal the outcomes of their work into finding an organic, plant-based product with insecticidal properties for controlling mealybug.

This issue also presents some interesting findings from what is believed to be the only study to compare vines of identical genetic material and planted in the same vineyard approximately 20 years apart. Undertaken by German and French researchers the study has attempted to help prove the age-old claim that older vines produce better quality wines.

In Winemaking, US researchers reveal the outcomes of trials to determine the effectiveness of steam or hot water to eliminating Brett from oak barrels; an Australian research team describes the effectiveness of magnetic polymers in reducing overpowering ‘green’ characters in Cabernet Sauvignon and the Australian Wine Research Institute reports on the main issues that plagued the nation’s grapegrowers and winemakers during Vintage 2019

Peter Bailey, from Wine Australia, takes a dive into the latest export figures from 2018-19 while Julia Ball, from the University of Adelaide, and Margot Stolle, from Purple Giraffe Marketing, look into what makes a memorable cellar door experience that grows customers and improves brand loyalty.

This issue’s tasting featured Australian Malbecs.

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