Fiano tasting – entries open!

Australia’s Fiano producers are invited to enter a forthcoming tasting of the Italian varietal by the Wine & Viticulture Journal.

The number of wineries in Australia making Fiano has increased substantially since 2017 which was the last time the Journal tasted Fiano. In that year, its sister publication, the Wine Industry Directory, listed just over 70 wineries crushing Fiano. The current version of the WID shows 116 wineries crush the variety.

Fiano sits just outside of Australia’s top 10 most crushed premium varieties after Chenin Blanc. The amount of Fiano crushed in Australia each vintage has grown 70% since 2015, peaking at 3170 tonnes in 2019, according to Wine Australia.

The Journal’s tasting will provide an updated snapshot of how the growing number of Australian wineries making Fiano are interpreting the variety.

The results of the tasting will be published in the Autumn 2023 issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal.

Producers wishing to enter wines in the tasting can do so at the online entry form found here. Entries to the tasting close Friday 18 November 2022.

Wine samples must be received by no later than Friday 2 December 2022.

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