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Blog: Climate change risks, reading between the wines

Climate change is a threat to the global wine industry — there is not much disagreement about this fact. But what are the specific risks to the wine product chain and what are wine businesses doing about them?

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Blog: Why e-premise revenue is so important for wine and spirits distribution

On-Premise. Off-Premise. Two concepts that we, in the beverage industry, are all too familiar with. But now, there is another universe to think about when it comes to developing an alcohol brand and selling products: E-Premise.

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Blog: The wine industry takes on the markets

Who stands to lose and who gains when wine entities go public? Few companies in the wine business have historically been publicly owned. Pegging the number precisely Rob McMillian, the executive vice president of the Silicon Valley Bank, says that the total would be fewer than 20 currently worldwide.

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Blog: Brexit’s effect on the UK wine scene

Now that the UK has left the European Customs Union and signed a tariff- and quota-free trade agreement with the EU, is it that everything’s going to change? Is the new post-Brexit process a big deal? I think its impact has been exaggerated. It’s a pain and it’s incredibly stupid on the part of, for […]

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Blog: Wine embraces an online future

In-person wine tastings with producers are going away, the wine auction business is moving online, and storytelling is now as important as wine quality.

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Blog: Cabernet on the decline in the US?

The Cabernet Sauvignon wave in the United States may have crested in 2019 when nobody was looking. This is the biggest, most surprising takeaway from the annual Direct to Consumer report from Sovos and Wines Vines Analytics.

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Opinion: Imagining an end to wine tariffs

Now that America’s long national nightmare has ended and Joe Biden is in the White House, the question a lot of wine industry folks are asking is: what about those wine tariffs?

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Blog: Grape research helps answer climate change question

Ancient farmers, through trial and error, determined the best fit between a crop, the soil and weather conditions. They had plenty of land to choose from to find the perfect fields for their crops. But as the availability of cultivable land diminishes and as climates change, our ability to grow enough food is becoming limited, […]

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Blog: I drank smoke-tainted canned wine and liked it

Sans Wine Co. (a US canned wine producer) held an online media tasting last week of three different vintages from three varieties. They wanted to prove that canned wine can last on the shelves: apparently it can, as the 2017s were just fine in 2021. I also learned something more significant.

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Jancis Robinson: The glass may not be greener

For many of us wine drinkers, our first conscious act towards saving the planet was separating empty bottles from the rest of our rubbish. It made us feel pretty good, even though most of us were, and continue to be, shockingly ignorant about what happens next to those bottles.

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Blog: A fresh take on wine events could supercharge industry diversity

Diversity is a complex and multifaceted subject. Though there remains work to be done, the wine industry should proceed optimistically. The most recent diversity survey, albeit not rigorously controlled, places the share of white employees in the UK wine trade at around 86%, slightly below the population total as of the 2011 consensus. However, the […]

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Blog: The clean-washing of wine

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, one might expect natural winemakers to feel flush with admiration. Instead, many are worrying about how the clean wine trend’s penchant for scare tactics about additives, gluten, and sugar undermines the integrity of their own movement.

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Opinion: Why NZ should join Australia in case against China

With the relationship between China and Australia souring in the past six months, New Zealand’s response will need to be nuanced and careful, but also principled. First and foremost, we must ensure the dispute between two of our main trading partners stays partitioned from our role within the Five Eyes security alliance. If they become […]

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Blog: Exploring the changes in the wine world during the past quarter century

The world is changing – rapidly. The wine world is changing – also rapidly. As we leave 2020 behind and venture into the uncertainty of 2021, let’s focus on the last quarter century – a mere speck of sand in the continuum of humankind’s presence on this amazing planet.

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Opinion: Direct shipping from wineries doesn’t take business from local sellers

Like many other wine lovers, I found myself ordering wine from out-of-state wineries for shipment into a state that allowed direct-to-consumer wine shipping, then bringing it back across the border to my home state of Pennsylvania.

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