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Has the Prosecco bubble burst?

Sales of Prosecco have been slowing down over the past 12 months as sparkling wine lovers look for the next delicious great value sparkling wine. The question is what will it be? There have always been other sparkling wines including Champagne, but none has grabbed the headlines as much and as easily as Prosecco whose […]

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Blog: Will the wine industry learn the lessons of the pandemic?

For the American wine industry, the first brief moment of perspective may have been recent, when Rob McMillan, Executive Vice President and Founder of the Wine Division of Silicon Valley Bank hosted a video conference entitled “State of the Wine Industry – Special Edition.”

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Blog: The improbable link between hard seltzer and wine

Imagine a story that goes something like this: a young man begins his career and struggles to make it as a spirits importer, selling his favourite bottles out of the trunk of his car. After a long uphill battle through minor and major successes in the spirits business, he decides to get into wine, and […]

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Blog: Wine sales defy doom and gloom

The US wine industry is experiencing an unusually good time during the pandemic lockdown. Two months into the COVID-19 economic crisis and the outlook for the wine industry is surprisingly great. Wine sales are up by enough in the grocery and chain stores measured by Nielsen to offset the complete collapse of restaurant and tasting […]

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Blog: Time for US wine to follow the EU

A European move towards ingredient labelling on wine should be enthusiastically taken up by American producers. The one grocery store item that gets away with revealing nothing about its contents is wine. Food products are required by law in most countries to reveal everything in them. But wine has always gotten a pass.

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Blog: Europe’s vineyards move further north

So, what do you know, I am getting a local vineyard, here in Uppsala, Sweden. Well, actually, it is 13 km (8 miles) away in a straight line, but that is a lot closer than Blaxsta Gård vineyard, which is 110 km (70 miles) south of me. The importance of this, for people other than […]

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Blog: Seeking the familiar dominates in the US wine market

The upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic appears to be bringing out some classic post-trauma behaviours among US wine consumers. Much will be written and studied about this period of history we are currently living through.

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Blog: Bushfire aftermath hits home in South Australia’s Adelaide Hills

By Samuel Squire In late December last year, at the same time that severe bushfires had been raging uncontrolled for a month in parts of New South Wales, a bushfire was sparked at Cudlee Creek in the Adelaide Hills wine region. Before it was eventually put out by the tireless efforts of local fire services, […]

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