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Five shelf placement hacks for the perfect shelf spot: brought to you by the London Wine Competition

The placement of your wine bottle plays an important role in the sales of the bottle. After years of experience and extensive study, we have collated some hacks that can help your bottle be placed at an optimal, eye-catching position. Shelf placement is the number 1 most important thing you have to pay attention to […]

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The Changing Vinescape

New wine tax laws, ACCC focus on wine industry, container deposit legislation, pre-registration of exports to China, $50m of expenditure on promoting the industry, health lobby, continued globalisation, Trumpism, Brexit, climate volatility and the list goes on.  The landscape in which wine industry players do business is rapidly changing.  They need to be across the […]

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Frost fan ROI calculator shows compelling returns

In conjunction with parent company New Zealand Frost Fans, Australian Frost Fans has recently built a ROI calculator which it plans to make available as an online tool. The calculator amortizes the capital cost of FrostBoss™ C49 machine/s over a 20 year life to provide the investment gain per annum, annual investment and ROI for […]

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Exporting wine made easy

Exporting wine overseas can seem very complicated, but AWRI Commercial Services makes the process as easy as possible. The highly experienced customer service team can advise on the analytical requirements for different countries and work through the paperwork needed for each specific export destination. Late harvest and botrytised wines can be exported with the VI1 […]

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