One-stop-shop vs proprietary single application solutions

Adoption of automated processes has assisted winemakers in upscaling their production and output for years. However, as each system is introduced, many wineries have ended up with a number of proprietary single application solutions that are limited in their capabilities and are not easily integrated into existing SCADA control systems.

Concerns have grown as each of these proprietary systems require independent installation, maintenance and management of the software and equipment, making them cumbersome and inflexible.

Some winemakers are now seeking options that offer process control and automation, which easily integrates into existing operating systems, along with addressing improved energy efficiency, faster and more flexible installation, improved equipment reliability and on-the-ground support.

For this reason, Bürkert is increasingly sought out by Australian wine producers who are ready to move away from these existing proprietary systems. Bürkert support winemakers by delivering solutions for glycol management and temperature control, automated must delivery, micro-oxygenation, components for utilising air for red-ferment management and inert gas blanketing – all centrally managed and controlled by utilising digital technology to improve four key operational goals: improve quality, reduce costs, increase safety and decrease footprint.

Before exploring a proprietary single application, perhaps speak with Bürkert to see if there is better one-stop-shop solution for your winery.

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