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WineEng 2020 winery survey: automation desired, COVID-19 doesn’t affect future purchases

COVID-19 has had little effect on the purchase intentions for wine producers, while automated tasks remain a desired goal, according to a survey conducted as part of the WineEng 2020 Forum & Trade Review.

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Coronavirus: Genetic research and Covid-19

More than other nations, the New Zealand wine industry is based on millions of copies of just a few individual clones. Think about the risk this could pose in the wake of a challenge, such as climate change or a biosecurity risk, for example.

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Scientists discover new flavour compounds in red wine and grape seeds (Canada)

A pair of University of British Columbia scientists have identified chemical compounds previously unknown in wine and in grape seeds of the kind that give red wine its distinctive flavour profile and ageing characteristics. The researchers say their breakthrough could be a big step forward for winemakers who rely on extensive tasting alone to monitor balance and structure in fermenting and ageing wines, but who do so virtually blind to the levels of important chemical flavour compounds.

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