WineEng 2020 winery survey: automation desired, COVID-19 doesn’t affect future purchases

COVID-19 has had little effect on the purchase intentions for wine producers, while automated tasks remain a desired goal, according to a survey conducted as part of the WineEng 2020 Forum & Trade Review.

The Winery Engineering Association (WEA) and Winetitles Media will collaborate in September to host WineEng 2020, with sessions and exhibits presenting the latest innovations, technology and trends for wine makers, winery production operators, suppliers and other industry professionals.

This is the first time that WineEng has gone completely ‘virtual’, with the conference and exhibition to be presented with published, digital and webinar components – allowing the WEA to continue to share valuable information and the ‘latest and greatest’ products for the Australian and New Zealand wine sectors.

For the survey of winery personnel, respondents were asked about aspects of their operations, including capital expenditure intentions and the prevalence of automation technology in wineries.

When asked about their capital expenditure intentions for 2020-21, 85 percent of wineries, across all size ranges, expect this to stay the same or to increase.

Tanks are the most common item that respondents plan to purchase in the next two years, while refrigeration equipment and bottling lines were ahead of other items on wineries’ wish lists.

The survey also asked if wineries have an automated temperature control system on their tanks. Overall, 42% of respondents said that one of these systems is utilised at their site, revealing it as the most commonly used automation system.

There was a wide range of tasks the survey revealed that winemakers would like to have automated: refrigeration/cooling/temperature control systems were desired by small to medium sized producers, while systems to improve barrel management or other transfers were favoured by larger wineries.

With pandemic restrictions having an effect on workplaces, respondents were asked if working remotely had influenced what technologies were used or on their options for production equipment that’s to be purchased in the future. A large 78% said that COVID-19 has had no real impact on future purchase intentions.

With the WineEng 2020 Forum & Trade Review’s theme focussing on winery automation, speakers from leading suppliers will contribute to this essential meeting for every winery that wants to improve its efficiency and performance.

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