Autumn 2021 issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal online now!

The latest issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal is out online to subscribers. This issue focuses on closure, soil health, and labeling and packaging and much more.

Armando Corsi, from the University of Adelaide, and Larry Lockshin and Johan Bruwer, from the University of South Australia, present the findings of their survey of Australian wine consumers at the end of 2020 following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

They explore whether consumers’ drinking habits changed when restrictions were relaxed compared to when they were in lockdown.

Glyn Wittwer, from Victoria University, and Kym Anderson, from the University of Adelaide, reveal the findings of some modelling they’ve carried out into the effects of the tariffs imposed by China on Australia’s bottled wine imports. This includes the impacts on Australia’s exports, imports, the price of wine and grape prices and the impacts on China’s wine imports. They also look at the combined impacts of the Chinese tariffs and COVID-19 on Australian wineries.

Regular writer Erika Szymanski describes recent research into oxygen and closures, while fellow regular Mark O’Callaghan takes a dive into the various factors shaping the construction of future wineries in this country.

German researchers report on the findings from their study into the impacts of integrated, organic and biodynamic vineyard management systems on soil health.

This issue also contains the results of our recent Pinot Blanc tasting, as well as the findings from some work carried out by Italian researchers into consumer attitudes towards alternatives to glass bottles.

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