More Australians purchase still wine online than in store

Research from market research firm Euromonitor International has shown that a greater proportion of Australian consumers opt for purchasing wine online via e-commerce platforms than at traditional retail stores in person.

Wine accounts for over 37% of alcohol sales online compared to just 23% through bricks and mortar retail channels. Euromonitor’s research analysed the e-commerce performance of wine in Australia, looking at how retail channels and the seasonal preferences impact sales.

Wine and spirits have a much higher share of sales through e-commerce channels, accounting for over 37% of e-commerce alcoholic drinks sales. This is opposed to beer and Ready-to-Drinks, which are more frequently purchased on impulse at brick-and-mortar stores, due to preferences related to temperature and the shipping and handling of products.

Euromonitor’s e-commerce data, tracked at a quarterly level, also reveals the seasonal implications and opportunities for retailers to attract consumers, with red wine bringing in the most sales during winter, and white wine performing best in the hot summer months.

Key insights from the article include:

  • Wine sales account for over 37% of alcoholic drinks sales online, while making up just 23% of sales through traditional bricks-and-mortar retail channels.
  • Red wine performed strongest in the Australia’s winter months of July to September, with 40% higher sales compared with online sales of still white wine.
  • White wine exceeded red wine by 25% in the first quarter of 2023, during summer when temperatures are highest.
  • Smaller players are winning in the e-commerce space, with variety and promotional rates influencing purchase decisions.

“Consumers still prefer to purchase sparkling wine in-store because of the tactile experience of interacting with the product and the gratification of purchasing a product with a high price point in-person,” said Euromonitor International’s food and beverage research analyst, Tanya Kamesh. “However, Australian shoppers tend to prefer purchasing still red and white wine online, given the superior selection and the information online retailers provide.”

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