A Celebration of Australian Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir Celebration Australia returns in 2023, to celebrate the allure, character, and elegance of Pinot Noir on the Mornington Peninsula on 10 and 11 February, 2023.

This two-day celebration will feature more than 150 Australian and international Pinot Noir wines and bring together some of the world’s best wine and viticultural minds, along with marketing and industry experts, climate change scientists, winemakers, sommeliers and cultural icons.

Hosted by wine writer and author, Max Allen, the Pinot Noir Celebration will connect attendees with like-minded Pinot Noir producers and devotees through captivating conversations and an exploration of place through an engaging and compelling program.

Chair of Pinot Noir Celebration Australia, Martin Spedding said the event represents the depth and breadth of thinking on Australian Pinot Noir and focuses on the innovation developing in vineyards and wineries across Australia.

“We are thrilled to be hosting this carefully curated program, celebrating pinot noir from across Australia,” Spedding said.

“We will be looking at how producers are adapting and innovating in response to changes in our climate, technology and consumer attitudes, and implementing new sustainable practices to be better stewards of our land.”

The 2023 program will capture next generation thinking, through a series of tastings and panel sessions, as well as small group hands-on technical workshops, site excursions and cultural experiences at various locations across the Mornington Peninsula.

“Participants will be actively immersed in the second day of the program, by selecting workshops and seminars they want to explore depending on their own personal interest,” said Spedding.

One of the headline events will be ‘Challenging our Philosophy’ presented by Max Allen with contributions from advertising expert and regular on ABC’s Gruen show, Carolyn Miller and highly regarded philosopher, wine writer and Aleut Inupiat woman from Alaska, Elaine Chukan Brown.

This opening session will reflect on the philosophical values of Pinot Noir and what drives us to experience cultural adventures through wine.

Chukan Brown will also curate an indigenous perspective of place and custodianship in other segments of the program.

Climate science and sustainability will feature prominently over the two days.

Climatologist and Oregon wine producer, Dr Greg Jones will join Dr Mark Krstic from the Australian Wine and Research Institute, alongside local winemakers Mac Forbes and Peter Dillon, to explore the relationship of wine with the elements and the fragility of winegrowing sites now and into the future.

The more serious and technical topics scheduled across the Pinot Noir Celebration will be evenly balanced with opportunities to meet and mingle at a number of sociable moments, particularly at two dinner events on Friday and Saturday night.

“The weekend includes a healthy dose of celebration, as we taste through a stunning line-up of pinot noir wine, each with their own stories to tell with celebratory events each evening,” said Spedding.

Tickets to the Pinot Noir Celebration go on sale on Monday, 3 October and are fully inclusive of the full program, all event wines, lunch, dinner and additional catering over the two days.

Pinot Noir lovers can find out more information and register their details online at, prior to the public release of ticket on 3 October 2022.


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