A global celebration of Australian Pinot Noir

Image Pinot Noir Celebration

Excitement is building for the Pinot Noir Celebration Australia 2023 taking place on the Mornington Peninsula on 10 and 11 February, and for the first time, extending into the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore and Denmark in March 2023.

Only a small number of tickets to the tenth edition of the Pinot Noir Celebration Australia on the Mornington Peninsula are available, with many self-select workshops and seminars now fully subscribed on day two of a remarkable program designed to provoke conversation and a connection to place.

The global nature of this year’s event will be highlighted by the keynote speech by the engaging, German-born Pinot Noir enthusiast Anne Krebiehl MW, as well as contributions by US climatologist Dr Greg Jones, indigenous Alaskan wine writer and educator, Elaine Chukan Brown, journalist Guy Woodward from the United Kingdom, Waitrose wine buyer Rebecca Hull MW and Singapore based sommelier and wine writer, Richard Hemming MW.

Chair of the Pinot Noir Celebration Australia, Martin Spedding said it was important for the Australian Pinot Noir community to keep its gaze above the horizon, and to shape a collective conversation about the quality of Australian Pinot Noir wine and the conscientious way Australian wines are being made.

“Our reputation around the world is growing and you see that reflected in the wines we export. “These events are a celebration of the success of our wines, our vineyard sites and yet still the potential of what Australia can do,” said Spedding.

The Australian event is hosted by Max Allen, who will guide the audience through six sessions and tasting selections on day one, spanning questions of custodianship and the environment to market influences of style and value, as well as the relevance of stories and sites to the choices people make when selecting Pinot Noir wines.

The second day will include more personal discovery options with small group workshops and seminars investigating topics such as soil and vine health, sensory tastes of terroir, fermentation vessels, robotics and culinary experiences.

The serious and cerebral session themes will be perfectly balanced with a good dose of celebration through two spectacular lunches and convivial evenings, including a night at one of the Mornington Peninsula’s iconic seaside venues.

The full program will include 150 wines and approximately 33 Australian and international thought leaders, scientists, sommeliers, journalists, growers, makers, market analysts and CEOs, with the opening address to be given by the Chair of Wine Australia, Dr Michele Allan.

Elements of the Australian celebration will then extend to invited media and trade tastings hosted in person and online by Matthew Jukes in London, David Glancy MS at the San Francisco Wine School for the US and Canada, Guy Woodward at the Australian Ambassador’s Residence in Denmark and Richard Hemming MW in Singapore, supported by Australian winemakers at each location.

More information about the program and tickets to the Pinot Noir Celebration Australia is available online

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