WISA seeking next executive officer as it prepares for newly elected management committee

Current WISA EO Shirley Fraser, vice chair Tim Stead and Chair Jason Amos. Image WISA

Wine Industry Suppliers Association (WISA) is seeking the next ‘custodian’ to become its new executive officer after current EO Shirley Fraser announced she will vacate the role in late January after 20 months in the role.

Fraser will be moving on to a permanent position as marketing and sales manager, international, for long time consulting client Sorby Adams Wines of the Barossa.

While news of Fraser’s departure may come as a surprise, she said she was keen for it to be known that it was not a decision made lightly and while leaving the role as EO, she does not intend to leave the association altogether.

“It has been at a whirlwind speed and a tremendously satisfying journey heading up WISA. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved to bring new life into the association,” Fraser said.

“It really does take a collegiate spirit. While I move on, I am always available to connect people and businesses with solutions and each other. I am dedicated to this and plan to continue in my capacity with the industry in my consulting and volunteer work.

“Personally, my role at WISA has been to put my heart in everything we do, in bringing everyone together to reinvigorate and articulate our association value proposition, goals and engagement. I now will pass on to the next EO to continue the work we have planned for the future.”

Elections have recently been held for the WISA management committee with changes in store for its line-up for 2023 with current chair Jason Amos of Lallemand stepping down.

New committee members will be ratified at next week’s December management committee meeting and announced at the AGM that follows this.


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