Wine Australia thanks outgoing marketing GM Stuart Barclay

The Wine Australia Board has thanked the general manager of marketing Stuart Barclay for his instrumental role in leading Wine Australia’s global marketing strategy over the past seven years.

Stuart will finish at Wine Australia in December 2021 and Brooke Beales will become acting general manager of marketing, while the recruitment process is underway.

Wine Australia chair Dr Michele Allan said, “Since joining the organisation in 2014, Stuart’s contribution to the Australian grape and wine sector has been monumental”.

“With the support of the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package, he has led an ambitious agenda of targeted marketing campaigns to drive the international demand for Australian wine. And the size, scale and impact of these campaigns has been unprecedented.

“He has an exceptional track record of leading global marketing campaigns that deliver impact.

“From headlining Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 as ‘Country of Honour’ with 151 Australian exhibitors showcasing 225 wine brands from 51 wine regions – to leading a six-city roadshow and Far From Ordinary campaign in the US, with more than 100 Australian wine exhibitors,” Dr Allan said.

“We’ve seen a new approach to online wine education through the development of Australian Wine Discovered, a consumer website highlighting Australia’s wine regions to global wine lovers, targeted digital and social campaigns – and the ‘Australian Wine Made Our Way’ brand platform celebrating the authenticity, camaraderie and innovation that makes Australian wine unique.

“And when COVID-19 and China’s anti-dumping duties on Australian wine imports hit, Stuart’s stewardship in integrating all of our legacy assets into a first-of-its-kind virtual marketplace – Australian Wine CONNECT – to support wineries in exploring new markets was, quite frankly, instrumental”, said Dr Allan.

“Stuart has also been pivotal in leading Wine Australia’s partnership with Austrade through the Agri-business Expansion Initiative to roll out a series of export market briefings and market readiness activities that support the diversification of export markets over the next 6 to 12 months.

“I thank Stuart for his significant service to Wine Australia and wish him all the best for the future”, Dr Allan said.


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