Treasury Premium Brands crowned Trend Leader of the Year at annual Endeavour Group Supplier Awards

Treasury Premium Brands (TPB), a division of Treasury Wine Estates, was awarded Trend Leader of the Year at the Endeavour Group Supplier Awards.

TPB jointly won the award alongside Accolade Wines, receiving recognition from one of TWE’s largest retail customers for its Squealing Pig & Wolf Blass Bagnums – a format that offers convenience, affordability, and sustainable packaging rolled into one.

The 1.5 litre lightweight, easy-to-carry ‘magnum in a bag’ has seven times lower carbon emissions than a traditional 750ml glass bottle.

“Both Accolade and Treasury have been outstanding leaders in trend during 2022, putting customers right at the heart of this new format,” said the judges of the awards.

“Bagnums has opened up new occasions and opportunities for wine to be considered with the shareability and non-glass format – perfect for outdoors and social settings, as well as for moderating customers through a quality wine that remains fresh for 30 days after opening – overcoming one of the biggest barriers to 750mL bottle and mid-week consumption.

“Modernising the offer to better meet the needs of customers has resulted in success and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them.”


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