Record registrations for Endeavour Group’s first 2023 Supplier Forum

Image courtesy Endeavour Group

Australian drinks and hospitality business Endeavour Group will host its first Supplier Forum for the 2023 calendar year today, hosting more than 1200 suppliers for a webinar and a live Q&A session with Endeavour Group leadership.

Providing suppliers with insights on industry trends, progress against Endeavour Group’s sustainability strategy, Dan Murphy’s and BWS strategy updates and a look into each category and the road ahead, the Supplier Forum has become a twice-yearly event in the Endeavour Group calendar.

Tim Carroll, Endeavour Group’s director of merchandise and buying said the forum was an opportunity for Endeavour Group to work in partnership with its suppliers to remain relevant to its customers today and into the future.

“Whether it’s how BWS is reimagining the bottle shop, Dan Murphy’s is delivering value for customers, how we’re digitising the hotels experience at ALH, or identifying new and emerging trends to suit customers’ tastes and preferences, we’re focused on providing our suppliers with the insights and opportunities to make us the best retail and hospitality partner in the industry to work alongside,” Carroll said.

“It is the highest number of registrations we have ever had for a Supplier Forum, which just demonstrates the value our suppliers get out of this event, and the strength and long-lasting nature of our partnerships.

“We are also very pleased to announce that our Supplier of the Year Awards will return again in June, giving us a chance to showcase some of the incredible businesses with work with around Australia, and some of the great success stories of winners from previous years, including Billson’s in Beechworth, which continues to go from strength-to-strength, having made it to our top five selling products over the festive period.”


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