St Huberts The Stag plants seed pods for 100,000 trees by drone and AI

AirSeed seed pods. Image St Hubert’s

Over the next 12 months, St Hubert’s The Stag has committed to planting seed pods for 100,000 trees via AirSeed’s advanced drone technology, across areas of Australia impacted by extreme weather conditions and the effects of a changing climate.

Planting at a rate almost 25 times faster than manual planting, the GPS-tracked seed pods improve habitats through scalable reforestation and revegetation.

Greg Jarratt, St Hubert’s The Stag winemaker, says the new partnership is an exciting step for his winery.

“With our roots quite literally embedded in agriculture, it’s crucial as an industry we do what we can when it comes to preserving the Australian landscape. St Hubert’s The Stag has long had a focus on the wilderness, so the opportunity to partner with AirSeed was a natural fit. Together, we’re committed to helping rewild some of Australia’s most fragile ecosystems and we’re incredibly proud to help champion AirSeed’s vital work,” says Jarratt.

From now onwards, St Hubert’s The Stag will also begin moving towards new, considered packaging featuring a lighter-weight bottle with recycled glass content. These initiatives all help reduce the brand’s impact on the environment and are another step to cultivating a brighter future.

“This partnership allows for genuine and impactful engagement – friends of the winery can be brought on the journey, knowing St Hubert’s The Stag is making a tangible contribution to rewilding in Australia. Additionally, the initiative makes a great talking point at social gatherings or a truly meaningful gift,” continues Jarratt.

AirSeed is an Australian company combating climate change and biodiversity loss by combining drone technology, artificial and data-driven intelligence with their proprietary seed pod biotechnology.

Planting at a rate of 40,000 seeds per day, the GPS-tracked seed pods improve habitats and carbon sequestration through scalable reforestation and revegetation.

“St Hubert’s The Stag’s intention to not only restore land at scale but engage their grower networks and customers in meaningful ways, creates an opportunity to bring attention to the vital work required to preserve our natural world,” Andrew Walker, AirSeed CEO and co-founder said.


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