South Australian state government to commit $60,000 to update wine industry safety induction video for vineyards, wineries and cellar doors

Image: Wine Barrels

The funding will enable the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) to oversee the production of the video which will replace the existing 11-year-old version used right across the South Australian wine industry.

SA minister for primary industries and regional development David Basham said a lot has changed since the current wine industry safety induction video was released in 2010.

“It is fitting that during National Safe Work Month, the [state government] is providing support to the wine industry to help make their working environment safer,” said Basham.

“Good safety means good business and for our $1.98 billion wine industry it is vital safety systems meet the latest in safety standards given the type of machinery, tools and operations involved in winemaking and grapegrowing.

“As more technology comes to hand and safety regulations get refined and changed, keeping up with best practice methods can be challenging.

“By assisting SAWIA to produce this new up to date video it will not only be a useful training tool for industry but will help to ensure employees, contractors and visitors are kept safe.”

Chief executive of SAWIA Brian Smedley welcomed the state government funding for the project, saying the existing training video, produced in 2010, needed updating and enhancement.

“Following a review by our Work Health and Safety Committee, we became aware the existing video contains out of date terminology, while some of the hazard controls depicted don’t reflect current industry best practice,” he said.

“It also does not include advice in relation to managing or considering fatigue risks, working in extreme weather or provide guidance and assistance in relation to mental health in the workplace.

“While our current training video is still widely used by industry for inducting new and existing employees, a new resource which takes a broader perspective, including mental health, will assist the industry in making further safety improvements, to benefit both business and workers.

“We also want to include the video as part an online training and assessment platform which is something we cannot do with the current video format.

“Focusing on safety is a high priority right across the industry and this new video and training platform once completed will be a useful resource as part of a broader support package we provide to our members assisting them in identifying risks and areas for improvement across their operations whether it is in the vineyard or the cellar.”


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