Say hello to the recipients of the Sydney Royal Wine Study scholarships

2022 Sydney Royal Wine Professional Development recipient Samuel Renzaglia. Image courtesy RAS Foundation

The RAS Foundation (RASF) has recognised ten of Australia’s top up-and-coming wine professionals as the recipients of its Sydney Royal Wine Study and Sydney Royal Wine Professional Development scholarships.

Each year, following the completion of the Sydney Royal Wine Show, the RAS Wine Committee joins forces with the RASF to raise money from the sale of the excess wine samples to bolster the future of the Australian wine industry by investing in the next generation.

The Sydney Royal Wine Study Scholarship and Sydney Royal Wine Professional Development Scholarship recognise the importance of assisting wine’s future leaders by supporting students currently studying a wine-related course at a University, TAFE or VET institution and professionals committed to advancing the industry and their careers through further study.

RAS Wine Committee Chair Sally Evans said the future of the Australian wine industry relies on the enthusiasm of our next generation.

“The core value and aim of the RAS Wine Committee and KPMG Sydney Royal Wine Show is to advance the quality of the Australian wine through evaluation and industry feedback, and this also extends to supporting those who will continue this legacy,” Evans said.

“The Sydney Royal Wine Study and Sydney Royal Wine Professional Development scholarships are our way of investing in the future of Australian wine and its up-and-coming leaders; leaders who have already demonstrated a great contribution and passion towards the industry.”

Sydney Royal Wine Professional Development Scholarship recipients:

  • Courtney Tate – Courtney currently works with fine wine merchants Negociants and hopes to keep her palate and knowledge sharp by combining her enrolment in the Assessment Course (AWAC) with greater involvement in wine judging.
  • Lisa Cardelli As a Head Sommelier and wine buyer, Lisa hopes to play an active role and progress through the Australian wine show system and to mentor aspiring winemakers, completing the AWAC is essential to her goals. Lisa’s scholarship is sponsored by The Len Evans Tutorial Foundation
  • Samuel Renzaglia – Aiming to increase his knowledge and skills in the areas of winemaking and tasting/judging, Sam believes the AWAC course will provide the technical expertise and confidence he needs to make the best decisions for his family vineyard.
  • Judith Zhu – Teaching herself about wines and studying varieties and vineyards is one thing but refining her palate and more fully understanding the nuances behind wines requires more formal training which Judith will receive studying for her WSET Diploma.
  • Rhys Baker – A professional sommelier, Rhys is aiming to complete the level 4 WSET Diploma before going on to undertake Master of Wine studies.  From business skills to viticulture, Rhys hopes to develop a full understanding of all levels of wine production and wine styles and therefore play a strong role in the local wine industry.
  • Daniel Cameron – Believing it is best for the local wine industry when consumers can select wines with confidence, Daniel is planning on being the man to help them understand what they are drinking and to appreciate the details behind each bottle produced. Obtaining his WSET Level 4 Diploma will help Daniel better understand the industry and pass this knowledge and passion on to consumers.
  • Justin Biskup – Wanting to make wine more accessible to all, with a greater understanding of wine regions, vintages and styles, Justin has pursued various accreditations and roles and has a passion he wants to share. The WSET Diploma will give Justin the training he needs to go on to educate others.
  • Federico Dordoni – Years of industry experience have Federico sure he is in the right profession, and now he wants the education and recognition it provides to help further his career. Obtaining his WSET level 3 Diploma will help drive Federico to undertake further studies and opportunities. Ultimately, he hopes to work as a winemaker and help Australian wine shine internationally.

Sydney Royal Wine Study Scholarship recipients:

  • Samuel Parker – Currently studying his Bachelor of Viticulture & Oenology in South Australia, Samuel’s respect for vineyard longevity and sustainability and helping wineries of all sizes adapt to the challenges of the environment will hopefully see him play an important role in the Australian wine industry.
  • Daniel Rogato – Charles Sturt University’s Bachelor of Wine Science is the first step in a career as a winemaker. Daniel hopes to gain a greater appreciation for wine by networking within the industry, volunteering at wine shows and going on to judge, as well as working at a winery in conjunction with his studies.


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