SA Premier tells of tariff impacts in Beijing meetings

The Premier of South Australia, Peter Malinauskas has met with Chinese government officials and businesses in Beijing to discuss strengthening China’s education and business ties with South Australia.

The premier is travelling in China with leaders from South Australia’s university, education, wine, agriculture, aquaculture, tourism and trade sectors.

While in Beijing, Malinauskas met with Chinese Government representatives, including Vice Minister for the Ministry of Commerce Madame Guo Tingting to renew partnerships and explore further opportunities for trade and investment in those sectors.

“It’s been very valuable to meet with senior levels of Chinese business and government and I appreciate the genuine and honest engagement I had with the Vice Minister for Commerce,” said Malinauskas.

“In every meeting we’ve had, people are well aware the relaxation of punitive tariffs are important to the people of South Australia. Travelling with the CEOs of listed companies and industry associations means this is a full court press to demonstrate how determined we are.

“I was able to express some of the real-life stories of the impact tariffs are having on family businesses. We’ve seen a great step in the right direction with the easing of tariffs on barley, which means Chinese beer producers now have access to high quality South Australian grain.

“We want the same for wine and seafood. We have also had productive meetings with Chinese universities and the higher education sector to discuss how we can deepen our engagement.”

Malinauskas will also visit Shanghai and Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province with which South Australia has a 37-year sister-state relationship.

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