SA anti-counterfeit tech company Cellr backed by Australia’s top wine fraud expert

South Australian winetech company Cellr has announced its exclusive partnership with Australia’s most qualified wine authentication expert, Scott Evers, who will also be their new brand ambassador.

Among a global list of auction houses and private clients in the fine wine space, Evers is the wine authentication and fraud consultant for Langton’s Wine Auctions.

Cellr founder Chris Braine said, “It was an obvious choice for us, and we are glad Scott felt the same”.

“Having our [Cellr] connected packaging solution backed by Australia’s top wine fraud and authentication expert speaks volumes to the global market and affirms the hard work we have put in to provide the only complete tamper-proof solution for wine in the world.”

Evers’ endorsement of Cellr is another big win for the tech start up in light of its recent relocation to South Australia after receiving a Department for Trade and Investment SA landing pad grant.

The partnership will also be critical as Cellr begins rolling out its solution with export wineries, such as Chateau Tanunda, later this year.

Cellr and Evers will now work together on its mission to combat wine counterfeiting, which makes up around 20% of the $370bn global wine industry.

On partnering with Cellr, Evers said, “Cellr is not only a very progressive tech company, but it specialises in the Wine Industry and is an Australian owned company”.

“That was very important to me because I had discussions with other highly credible companies that were trying to dabble in many industries – and that concerned me.”

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