WA wineries backed by funding for market re-entry into China

Howard Park, Western Australia. Photo: Paris Hawken

A $500,000 support package has been announced to assist wineries in Western Australia, with the aim of accelerating WA wine exports to China.

Announced by WA Premier Roger Cook and Regional Development Minister Don Punch, the funding builds on a $6 million joint investment in WA’s Wine Industry Export Growth Partnership, which was introduced in 2001 and implemented over a four-year period in collaboration with Wines of Western Australia.

Wines of Western Australia CEO Larry Jorgensen said that the State Government had worked closely with the organisation to support the local industry.

“With the reopening of the China market, we will continue to work with them to re-establish key relationships and promote our products and wonderful wine tourism experiences,” said Jorgensen.

“We value the ongoing support and collaboration with the Cook Government, and we note the support of Minister for Regional Development Don Punch in developing this support package.”

Prior to the tariffs, WA exported 2.1 million litres of wine to China at a value of $18.3 million, representing 38% of the state’s total exports.

In conjunction with the announcement of the funding on Friday last week, the Premier lead an industry roundtable to discuss the industry’s goals and strategies to rebuild key relationships and trading channels with China.

“Supporting our premium wineries to re-enter the Chinese market is key to encouraging diversification, benefitting the WA economy in the long term,” said Cook.

“We will continue listening to industry to better understand the challenges and opportunities to help grow this important contributor to the State’s economy and the regions.”

“Full resumption of bilateral trade will be a significant benefit for both markets, and the WA Government welcomes these positive steps given our close ties with the Chinese market,” said Minister for Regional Development Don Punch.

“This important funding will continue to assist the WA wine industry to respond to the significant changes to the China wine market over the past four years.”

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