Renowned organic wine producer joins Restaurant and Catering Awards as national wine partner

Salena Estate Wines has been announced as the national wine partner for the Restaurant and Catering Awards (RCA) until 2023.

The family-owned and operated winery is based in the South Australian Riverland and has been making premium, high quality wines for more than 20 years.

RCA CEO Wes Lambert said he is excited to be working with Salena Estate Wines.

“Each of our events around Australia offers the chance to recognise and celebrate the best in our industry, and we are pleased to have Salena Estate, a high quality and passionate winery, on board as our national wine partner, providing the beverages at each event,” he said.

Salena Estate is also one of the largest producers of organic wine in Australia and has been producing organic wines since it was founded in 1998.

The winery now makes an extensive range of products, including several alternate European varietals and an authentic Italian Limoncello, and possesses a show record of over 1,500 trophies, medals and awards.

“We are so excited to work with such a high-profile and respected partner to share our story, products and family history in the coming months. We look forward to meeting with the best of the restaurant and catering industry, to share a drink and celebrate the awards,” said Salena Estate’s marketing manager Salena Franchitto.

As well as sharing its wines with consumers around the country, Salena Estate is looking ahead to promoting the tourism across South Australia, driving travel to the Riverland and helping to grow its perception as a wine region.

“Having grown up in this beautiful area, I certainly appreciate the stunning landscapes and world-class produce it has to offer. The Riverland is one of Australia’s youngest, most dynamic and innovative wine regions, and we encourage people to come and experience it,” said Franchitto.

The Restaurant and Catering Awards will be held in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney across October and November 2020.

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