Pinot Noir leads beverage Twitter mentions in Q3 2019

From Pinot Noir to Chardonnay, GlobalData identifies some of the top tweeted terms in the beverage industry by key individuals (influencers) in Q3 2019.

Pinot Noir – 342 mentions

Pinot noir was one of the top tweeted terms during Q3 2019. On 18th August, influencers tasted and reviewed several brands of Pinot Noir wine to mark National Pinot Noir Day. Some of the top wines tweeted about were Maison Louis Latour’s Les Pierres Dorées, Domaine Begude, Mayer, Close Planted Pinot Noir 2017, Cono Sur, Corvers-Kauter and Place of Changing Winds.

Influencers such as Peter Richards raised discussions on whether pinot noir grapes were the best for red wine. Another influencer, Robert Joseph, questioned whether wine assessment can be objective.

On 29 July, @winepages tweeted: “Beaujolais: the home of….eh….pinot noir?  A fine pinot from Louis Latour: @LouisLatourUK”, which saw 14 likes and four retweets.

Rosé – 315 mentions

The best rosé brands worldwide was one of the most discussed topics on wine during the quarter. Toad Hollow Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir, Louis Bouillot Perle d’Aurore Crémant de Bourgogne Rosé, 2018 Domaine St Felix Grenache Cinsault Rosé and Champagne Gremillet Brut Rosé NV were some of the top rosé wines mentioned by influencers.

Rosé is gaining popularity among the younger generations, as quoted by Fabien Lainé, a wine lover and entrepreneur. An article by Bryan Roth highlighted how the popularity of rosé is transferring to the beer industry. Brewers are hoping to cash in on its popularity and are offering rosé flavoured beer.

On 5 July, @ReverseWineSnob tweeted: “New Pick! Toad Hollow Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir – Delightfully Fresh and Delicious #winelover”, which gained four likes and three retweets.

Jmiquel Wine – 286 mentions

Jmiquel Wine, or Julien Miquel, was tagged in several wine-related posts tweeted during the quarter. Peter Dickens, Fabien Lainé and Frankie Cook, were some of the influencers that tagged Julien Miquel in their posts.

Blogger Peter Dickens posts his tweets under the hashtag #yearofwine2019. His posts during the quarter that tagged Jmiquel Wine included reviews of wines. Glaetzer Shiraz Bishop 2006, Querciabella Chianti and Pasetti Testarossa Rosato Terre Aquilane IGT were noted.

On 25 September, @pietrosd tweeted: #yearofthewine2019 Wow….. @GlaetzerWines Bishop 06’ Shiraz Barossa Valley, Aus @AustWineTasting @winewankers @DemiCassiani @JamesHubbard113 @fabienlaine @JMiquelWine @frankstero @MacCocktail @jules_mahon @SteveKubota @wineworldnews @SLBriscoe @KellyMitchell @WineMan147”, which attracted 79 likes, four comments and 21 retweets.

UK Wine Hour – 198 mentions

UK Wine Hour, a wine chat created by Sorcha Holloway, trended on Twitter during Q3 2019. French crémant sparkling wines and Australian wine were some of the themes discussed by the influencers. The wine chat on French crémant sparkling wines was sponsored by Louis Bouillot, a wine company based in France.

Several questions were discussed during the event. These included the UK/Ireland’s willingness to try more of the crémant wine and recommendations for restaurants that serve the best Australian wines.

On 1 August, @SorchaHolloway tweeted: “Welcome to the 4th Birthday edition of #ukwinehour! Tonight we’re talking about French sparkling #Cremant to celebrate! I’m Sorcha, your host & founder. Please introduce yourself & your interest in wine, & remember to use hashtags. Welcome to our Sponsors @LouisBouillotOF!” which gained 18 likes. 12 comments and five retweets.

Chardonnay – 192 mentions

The best chardonnay brands and their flavours was one of the most tweeted topics during the quarter.

New product introductions such as Bota Box Buttery Chardonnay were mentioned. Ferrari Carano Chardonnay and Kirkland Signature Russian River Valley Chardonnay were also discussed during the quarter.

On 4 August, @jules_mahon tweeted: “Tonight’s tipple @TalbottVineyard a beautiful Monterey Chardonnay with a subtle citrus finish a little bit more tart then my usual but delivious none the less @BriensWine” which saw 65 likes, eight comments and 15 retweets.