New Mornington Peninsula viticulture award announced

The Mornington Peninsula is a region renowned for its world class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The peak industry body Mornington Peninsula Wine, has announced the launch of a new viticultural award which will biennially acknowledge the work of exceptional viticulturists and their commitment to environmental excellence.

The award is in recognition of principal research scientist in vine physiology and ampelography Dr Alan Antcliff, AM., whose work was pivotal to the development of the Australian wine industry, guiding the management of varieties to leave an unmatched legacy.

Recognising leading viticultural practices in the region, founders of the wine industry on the Mornington Peninsula, Sarah and Bails Myer are the generous benefactors of the biennial award with a perpetual trophy and $5,000 travel grant, to support the winner’s pursuit in research and development of practices in viticulture.

Applicants will be judged by a well-qualified panel of viticultural experts, Mark Walpole, Dr Mary Retallack and John Whiting with a comprehensive assessment encompassing all facets of vineyard operations:

  • Occupational health and safety;
  • Biosecurity;
  • Soil and nutrition;
  • Weed, pest and mid row practices;
  • Agrochemical application;
  • Crop and pruning;
  • Management of the surrounding environment; and
  • Economic responsibility.

“The vignerons of the Mornington Peninsula have long been committed to viticultural excellence and sustainable practices,” said Bails.

“We have the long game firmly in mind, it’s important to acknowledge these leaders and thinkers and encourage others to develop their skills to ensure the wellbeing of our region. Never before has the need for focus on sustainability been so vital.

“Sarah and I are thrilled to be supporting this award which will help to enhance the skills library for the Mornington Peninsula and the development of our future leaders.” he said.

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