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As vintage gets underway early in some Aussie regions and attention becomes increasingly focused on the vines, this February issue of Grapegrower & Winemaker provides guidance to operators when it comes to those vital workhorses: vineyard tractors.

We invited leading tractor suppliers to put forward their latest and greatest models to help those who may be looking to upgrade their machinery. With the weather continuing to confound and irritate many – with temperature and moisture levels swinging erratically throughout our so-called ‘summer’ – we present research from the University of Adelaide on getting the ‘national mix’ of Australia’s winegrape varieties right in the face of the changing climate.

Heading into the winery, we learn more about plant-based alternative fining agents, with a focus on microplastic-free options. Meantime, Sonya Logan investigates the surfacing of vermifiltration in the wine industry, an environmentally friendly process that utilises earthworms to treat winery wastewater. We speak to Canberra district winemaker Stephanie Helm for this month’s Young Gun column, while we learn the story of Yarra Yering’s Underhill Shiraz for Behind the Top Drops. Journalist Meg Riley lifts the esky lid on what could be a fresh spin on spare grapes: chilled summer reds. HR contributor Ilga Horvat provides her expertise to wine business operators on ‘navigating the recruitment maze’.


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