Label directory to protect our premium wine brands

Legislation introduced in parliament will establish a wine export label directory, helping Australian wine brands to protect their intellectual property rights from misappropriation.

Minister for Agriculture Senator Bridget McKenzie said the Wine Australia Amendment (label directory) Bill 2019 would allow for a public-facing online database of all Australian export wine labels to help prevent copycat and fake labelling.

“Industry asked the Federal Government for help in preventing the export of copycat labelled wines through the establishment of a label directory — we have listened and this legislation is an important step in delivering on that request,” Minister McKenzie said.

“Once implemented, all Australian wine exporters will be required to submit images of their labels before export, these images will be uploaded into the searchable directory.

“The directory will bring greater transparency of exported labels to prevent copycat export wines from mimicking our famous Australian brands by copying their labels.

“This will help build consumer confidence in overseas markets because people will know they are buying what the label says they are buying—a safe and premium Australian product.

“Strengthening Australia’s reputation as a producer of premium wines helps secure jobs in an industry that directly employs more than 69,000 people often in rural and regional areas,” Minister McKenzie added.

“Our Government is supporting the development of the Label Directory through $417,000 in funding from the Export and Regional Wine Support Package.

“Wine Australia will be responsible for the establishment of the directory, which they will build into their upcoming Wine Australia Licensing and Approval System by December 2020.

“The Australian wine industry produces some of the best product in the world and is a key sector if we’re to grow our agricultural industries to be worth $100 billion by 2030—our government will continue to support the Aussie wine industry all the way.”