IWB is the first cryptocurrency guaranteed by fine wine

The first cryptocurrency in the world entirely guaranteed by wine will be available from 21 September 2021.

The coin is called IWB and is issued by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB), the first and only global wine bank based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

IWB is a utility token tradable through LATOKEN Exchange on the secondary market, on which is expected to generate exciting returns for its holders.

“The big news is that, compared to all the other tokens, IWB can be redeemed by its holder at any time, obtaining fine Italian wines from the IWCB portfolio for the same value paid for the tokens in the IEO,” said IWCB operations manager Davide Casalin.

In other words, for the first time, not only the investment in IWB tokens is fully guaranteed, but it also allows access to other significant benefits. The IWB tokens in the future will also be used to buy wines directly from producers.

Started in December 2020, the IWCB project, with the imminent issue of the IWB coin, enters its third phase.

From next October, once again for the first time in the world, holders of Bitcoin, Ethereum and major cryptocurrencies will be able to use the same to buy IWCB fine wines, either to enjoy them immediately or for investment.

In the latter case, not only will the value of the wine increase but they will also receive interesting exclusive bonuses linked to the trend of the cryptocurrency used.

“The Italian Wine Crypto Bank is a winning way to expose the fine wines of our Partner Wineries to the new market of crypto users, which are now over 221 million worldwide, and expected to double in the coming months,” said IWCB founder and director Rosario Scarpato.

The benefits of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank are also extended to wine lovers, collectors or traditional investors, who would never get them from the mainstream market. The only condition is to use cryptocurrencies, which they can get from the IWCB website in just a few minutes.


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