Introducing the Mid-Low-No Alcohol Wine Awards for 2023

Last year’s Zero-Alcohol Wine Show will return with a new name and format – The Mid-Low-No Alcohol Wine Awards (MLNA) hosted by Wine Pilot.

With last year’s show being the first of its kind in Australia to focus solely on zero-alcohol wines, the reinvigorated awards will expand out to new categories to give entrants both locally and across the globe the opportunity to shine as talented producers in this rapidly growing segment.

The MLNA awards 2023 is calling out for submissions from all creators, innovators and winemakers, big and small and requesting submissions of their mid, low and no alcohol wines under the show’s three categories:

  • Zero Alcohol (0.00% – 0.49%) – Sparkling, White and Red
  • Low Alcohol (0.5% – 6.9%) – Sparkling, White and Red
  • Mid Alcohol (7% – 11%) – Sparkling, White and Red The MLNA Awards

2023 is a two-part judging event, with a formal wine judging taking place on the 29th of May plus a ‘consumer choice’ event, where invited consumers will cast their vote on the top 3 wines from each category, on the 15th of June.

Wine Pilot founder Angus Hughson, says that expanding the awards out to include categories for mid and low alcohol wines will further promote the quality and diversity of this flourishing segment both on a local and international stage.

“With consumers from both Australia and around the world increasingly seeking out mid, low and no alcohol options, we felt that we needed to take the awards to the next level by incorporating new categories to acknowledge and celebrate innovators in this space,” he said.

“We have also added an invitation-only ‘consumer’s choice’ event to give consumers in the category a voice as to their favourite wines.

“As consumption habits continue to evolve, growth across the mid-low-no alcohol sphere will be fundamental to the future of the wine industry. We wanted to give winemakers a dedicated space to showcase the quality of their product, as well as highlight the top production styles.

“We have a highly credentialed panel of judges taking part in 2023 and look forward to celebrating the best of the best at the awards night in June, where we will have international guests in attendance.”

The Mid-Low-No Alcohol Awards features a panel of experienced judges including winemaking consultant and MLNA 2023 Chairman Mike DeGaris, Shanteh Wale of the Halliday Wine Companion Tasting Team, Owner of One Penny Restaurant and Co-Creator at Lyre’s Spirit Co. David Murphy and Winepilot Founder and Publisher Angus Hughson.

A key focus for judges will be drinkability and flavour while also identifying the best wines with wide appeal for existing mid, low and no alcohol consumers and the wine drinking public at large in these rapidly growing categories focused on inclusivity and ongoing innovation.

Judging will be held in Sydney in the week commencing Monday, May 29th. This will be followed by an invitation-only ‘consumer’s choice’ judging event on the 15th June at The Winery, with all results announced Thursday 29th June at an invitation-only event also at The Winery, sponsored by Plus & Minus.


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