2023 Vineyard of the Year Awards now open for registrations

Image courtesy Vineyard of the Year Awards.

The fourth annual edition of the Vineyard of the Year Awards is now open for registrations, calling all growers, viticulturists and vignerons to step forward. The awards celebrate viticulture by championing top vineyards and their stewards, to build awareness of their core role in shaping wines.

Designed to strengthen the connection between the wine, its place of origin and the way the grapes are grown, the awards place vineyards and growers at the heart of the Australian wine story and community.

Each year, the sites and custodianship of 50 winegrowers are profiled in a celebration of Australian viticulture.

The awards are curated by wine writer Max Allen, alongside a panel of Australia’s leading professionals and academics with expertise in viticulture, grapevines and sustainability.

“While it’s called the ‘Vineyard of the Year Awards’, and yes there are four trophies, really, the trophies are just a by-product of the bigger picture and intent of the program,” said Allen.

“The ‘awards’ process enables us to dig deep into the best practices and share learnings. There are so many great growers out there and we want to share their stories. These awards are a celebration of a large group and a collective mission each year, and our focus is around curating leading vineyards and growers to promote the common objective.”

Viticulturist Richard Leask has featured in previous awards and says he’ll do so again this year.

“I first entered the Vineyard of the Year Awards in 2020 as it was a new and much-needed initiative to promote the role of the grower in making wine of provenance, as well as the value of the viticulture profession, sustainability and to advance these topics,” said Leask.

“Gathering for the latest awards event in Melbourne, what really struck me was the value of meeting fellow growers from around the country – sharing ideas and forging new friendships. There’s nothing like it. I hope to participate again in the coming year and I encourage all growers and viticulturists to get involved.”

Finalists can take part in a series of optional events following vintage 2024, intended to build connections between growers and vignerons from around the country, promote sustainable best-practice viticulture and strengthen the understanding of the sense of provenance in wine. It will also promote sales of the wines that come from the vineyards.

All finalists are profiled in editorials at and on social media.

Allen said he was excited to be involved in the awards again.

“Having started these awards mid-COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it was great to get back to unfettered travel and events in the last year. It was incredibly special to get to these winegrowing-focused events that are a unique lens into wine and community. I’m looking forward to more in the next year.”

Entries for the 2023 Vineyard of the Year Awards are open until September 29. Join via this page. It takes less than two minutes get involved – look for the ‘register now’ button.

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