Global grape production in 2022 reached the second highest peak of the last twenty years

In 2022 world wine production, excluding juices and musts, is estimated at 258 mhl, marking a decrease of almost 3 mhl (-1%), compared to 2021.

This is due to higher-than-expected harvest volume in Europe despite the drought and heat waves during spring and summer, and an average production level recorded in the Southern Hemisphere.

Overall, the 2022 global wine production volume can be considered, for the fourth consecutive year, slightly below its 20-year average

World wine consumption in 2022 is estimated at 232 mhl, marking a decrease of 1% compared to 2021.

The negative trend that began in 2018 is mainly due to the drop in Chinese consumption, which has fallen by an average of 2 mhl per year, and to the COVID-19 sanitary crisis.

In 2022, the energy crisis and disruptions in global supply chains led to higher production and distribution costs, which resulted in higher wine prices and high levels of inflation hitting the purchasing power of consumers.

In 2022, international wine trade performed strongly, with world wine exports reaching 106 mhl. While this represented a slight decrease of 6% in volume compared to the previous year, it set a record in value terms, increasing by 9% year-on-year to €38 billion.

This remarkable growth in value was driven also by the strong market demand for sparkling wine. Among the different wine categories, it was the only one to record increases in both volume and value, with growth of 5% and 18% respectively.


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