Giesen makes further expansion to No/Lo market

Image courtesy Giesen Group

With an increased consumer interest in lighter and no alcohol wines, New Zealand winemaker Giesen Group has responded to the growing mindful drinking trend by lowering their Pure Light range from 9% to 6% alcohol/volume.

Consumers can now enjoy their New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris with less alcohol.

46% of Australian wine drinkers, of all ages, claim to be reducing their alcohol intake according to Wine Intelligence.

The figure increases to 56% for the 18-34 age group (Wine Australia, September 2021).

Giesen Group has continued to evolve their range of wines to meet this demand, with a $1 million in-house spinning cone (the technology used to gently remove alcohol) to leverage.

Having three years’ experience crafting the popular Giesen 0% range, the winemaking team are pioneering quality products in this space. It is this know-how that has enabled them to reduce the alcohol in Pure Light and not lose any of the flavour or aroma.

“This is an exciting evolution for our Pure Light range, which we have been making for several years at 9% alcohol/volume,” chief winemaker, Duncan Shouler said.

“We’re doing things differently though. The wines are first crafted as classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, going through the same process as we make our full-strength wines.

“We then use our advanced spinning cone technology to delicately remove alcohol down to 6% alc/vol, leaving us with lower alcohol but maximum flavour.”


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