Fogarty Wine Group releases first sparkling from Tassie holdings

Image courtesy Fogarty Wine Group

Fogarty Wine Group has announced the launch of its new Tasmanian sparkling wine label, Thalia. The launch represents expansion of the WA based group’s investment in Tasmanian wine holdings, alongside other labels such as Strelley Farm Estate and Tasmanian Vintners and represents industry wide interest in the cool climate state.

Chief Winemaker Liam McElhinney’s passion for cool-climate winemaking brought him to Tasmania in 2019 where he joined the Fogarty Wine Group at Tasmanian Vintners.

McElhinney’s Tasmanian wines have attained critical acclaim and he said he was excited to be producing the Thalia sparkling wines.

“I’m really excited to be launching this very special range of sparkling wines. Each of the Thalia wines offer a unique window into just how amazing Tasmania can be for world-class Méthode Traditionnelle,” he said.

The name, Thalia, originates from the Greek mythology figure Thalia, the goddess of comedy, dance and idyllic poetry.

Thalia is represented as a joyful, elegant figure and was one of the nine Muses, portrayed with a smiling mask and crown of ivy.

Wine companies have shown continued interest in cool climate regions in recent years and land holdings in Tasmania have been just the ticket according to wine industry Real Estate advisors Langley & Co.

“We’re seeing very strong demand for vineyards in cool climate regions: Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley, and Tasmania,” Langley & Co. managing director Toby Langley said.


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