Entries open for 2020 ICC Sydney NSW Wine Awards

The NSW Wine Industry Association (NSWWIA) has announced that despite the difficult start to the year, the 2020 ICC Sydney NSW Wine Awards will be going ahead this year.

NSWWIA president Mark Bourne confirmed, “The 25th NSW Wine Awards is now open, with wine entries from all over NSW’s 16 wine regions welcomed over the course of the next month, until 21st August”.

The NSW Wine Awards judging panel will be tasting nearly 900 entries.
“In these challenging times, our industry needs as much support as possible and these Awards were designed to do just that: highlight the very best of our local wines and assist NSW winemakers’ assess and perfect their wines.

“Over the last 25 years, the NSW Wine Awards’ successful history has made it one of the most fruitful wine shows at benefiting its entrants, now helping wineries increase their public and trade awareness and opening doors to genuine commercial opportunities. So, we are pleased that we can continue as planned and are looking forward to seeing some amazing new NSW wines placed on the judging tables this year.”


The NSWWIA is enthusiastic that the partnership with the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney will be continuing and they are able to again host the Awards in 2020, providing a stunning and safe world-class venue for the judging, trade tastings and Awards presentations.

After the success of the inaugural ‘1828 Innovators Trophy’ last year, the 2020 awards will again be looking for something a little different.

1828 was the first year of commercial wine production in Australia, and in recognition of those innovators and pioneers of the NSW wine industry, this class was created to support the continuing progression of ground-breaking wines in NSW.

Mark Bourne commented, “This class highlights our winemakers who push the boundaries of winemaking to produce wine styles that are at the leading edge of wine production in NSW”.

“Entries for the 1828 Innovators Wine Award can be a red or white wine and must include a brief description of the fruit source, wine making technique and the underlying philosophy behind the innovative wine.”

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