Endeavour Group announces Supplier of the Year Awards Program

Image: Tim Carroll.

Endeavour Group’s first Supplier Forum as a stand-alone business took place earlier today via a virtual format, where the company shared its plans for a Supplier of the Year Awards Program.

“Our new Supplier of the Year Awards Program will be launched next year, recognising the triumphs and successes of our supplier partners,” said Endeavour Group’s general manager – merchandising Tim Carroll.

“After a very tough few years, we can’t wait to get together and share a drink with our suppliers. Being able to toast the successes of our suppliers is something we are very much looking forward to. We cannot wait and we’re already working on making this the night of nights.”

Suppliers were encouraged to save the date for 12 May 2022, when the awards will be held at the Timber Yard in Port Melbourne. More details on categories and how to apply will be shared with suppliers in coming months through Distilled, the company’s quarterly insights magazine.

During the forum – which had over 1,200 people tuning in across the country, the highest attendance to date – Endeavour Group CEO and MD Steve Donohue shared his thoughts on the year that was, and the things that have “changed irrevocably”.

“A big shift that took place in our organisation was that we were able to welcome a large number of suppliers into our business. We saw that our role as a material player in the industry was to try and help facilitate positive outcomes for all producers throughout the country,” said Donohue.

Endeavour Group fast-tracked over 500 new suppliers into BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores and the marketplace e-commerce platform to support suppliers struggling due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Donohue also said that the pandemic had accelerated customer expectations for greater convenience, with a big shift to contactless delivery and pick up orders.

“We are expecting the biggest digital Christmas on record,” he said.

With more customers than ever choosing to shop online, Endeavour Group’s head of merchandising transformation Bree Coleman talked about how important it was for suppliers to provide as much information about their products when entering them into the system so customers can find their products digitally.

“Every day, we have over 250,000 searches on our BWS and Dan Murphy’s sites,” she said.

“When suppliers provide high-quality data on their products, they gain greater visibility through our on-site search functions as well as in our email program and our other emerging digital platforms,” she explained.

Endeavour Group also announced it would be sharing its first Sustainability Strategy next week.

“Each of us plays an important role in the responsibility we have to our customers and our industry, and I encourage you, our suppliers, to have those deeper conversations about your own goals, and all the ways you can partner with us to create meaningful change,” said Carroll.


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